The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans

Food Fairs, Chocolate Brownies, Chalet Hosts, Hen Parties and Sushi Workshops...there's never a dull moment here at The Avenue!

Victoria Sponge Cupcake Recipe

Treat yourself this #nationalcupcakeweek with a classic Victoria Sponge. Use the recipe to make perfectly iced cupcakes or add a flavour for a modern twist!

The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans

Another week of Chalet Host courses, evening classes and delicious grub! We're at Barnes Food Fair this Saturday so come along and try an Avenue Brownie!

Soda Bread Recipe

We don't know what you think, but at The Avenue freshly baked Soda Bread + home-made soup = Heaven. Name a better combo. We'll wait...

Spiced Butternut Squash Soup

Is there anything better than a night in with a bowl of Spiced Butternut Squash soup? Throw in some Soda Bread and you've got yourself a party!

The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans

Another fun & food-packed week at The Avenue. Our week-long courses are back and we're looking forward to our Vegan and Gluten Free classes this weekend!

The Avenue’s 5 Top Tips for Zero Waste Week #lovefoodhatewaste

This week from 4th - 8th September is #zerowasteweek, which is perfect because we just happen to have written a blog post with our 5 Top Tips for #zerofoodwaste (what a coincidence!)

The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans

It's been a great 4 day week with our Young Holiday Classes running after the Bank Holiday. We got to teach the children some really exciting recipes!

BBQ Chicken Wings

These tasty BBQ Chicken Wings take minutes to whip up and are a great supper for kids and adults alike!

The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans

More Weekly Shenanigans: Young Holiday Classes, Sunday Brunch, Bread making, Mexican Street Food and Zoe's BIRTHDAY! Welcome back Avenue Amigos...enjoy!