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National Chocolate Caramel Day – Banana Bread Recipe!

What better way to start the week than with a delicious Banana Cake smothered in luxuriously gooey Salted Caramel? It really couldn't get any better... Before we crack on, here's a little update on this week's antics...The crew are back at it again with #AvenueTours and on Friday, the whole family packed up their things and headed off to Warsaw!

Delicious Chicken in Ginger Recipe!

We hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend and aren't feeling the Monday blues too much! As many of you will be aware, Sunday was a special day for thousands of wonderful mums across the country. A big shout out to all of you hard-working and ever so patient Mothers!

Warm Roasted Figs Recipe!

It's Wednesday and of course, as per usual we're here to deliver an extra delicious mid-week pick me up - something we do best.  As mentioned last week, we are saying au revoir to our weekly Shenanigan's and putting all our energy (and hunger) into sharing the most mouth-watering and exclusive Avenue weekly recipes! 

Winter Roasted Butternut Squash Pear Barley Risotto Recipe!

Once again it's Monday and the sun appears to have packed up its things and migrated to warmer climates. Lucky for some. In fact, we've spent most of the day peering out the window watching a bitterly cold white sheet of snow set up camp across the streets of London. British weather really is strange...it felt like summer was on its way yesterday!

Moroccan Tomato Soup Recipe!

This gorgeous Moroccan Tomato Soup recipe is perfect for the fam, a quick lunch snack or for that all important #DateNight. If you fancy it, accompany this lovely winter warmer with some freshly baked bread. Diana’s bread of course…

National Pancake Day – Duck Pancake Recipe!

Hello, my hungry pancakes lovers!   What a week we've got in store for you guys! From pancake fanatics to voluptuous Valentine plans, we've got it all! As you guys are probably already aware, we love nothing more than a national food day... especially when it involves pancakes.

Nutella Day – Cheesecake Recipe!

We've put our thinking caps on this afternoon and had a rummage through our all-time favourite recipes to see what wonderful chocolate creations we can knock up! For those of you that haven't already tried our white-choccy cheesecake, you're about to be amazed...It's our infamous cheesecake recipe with a delectable chocolate twist!  

Chilled Lemon Soufflé – Valentine’s Recipe!

It's the first of the month and it's time to start thinking about those exciting Valentine's Day plans! As you already know, we have a crazy amount of lovvvved-up classes lined up for you guys and we can't wait to get cooking! If you haven't yet checked them out - head over to the website now and take a peep

Fish Pie Recipe – #NationalPieDay

IT'S NATIONAL PIE DAY GUYS! 😍 We couldn't possibly love today any more than we do right now... Who can resist a perfectly crisp Fish Pie oozing with a luxuriously creamy and buttery filling? 😋  We definitely can't! So it's a good thing it is pie day as we have a stonking recipe for you guys [...]

Choco-Chia Pudding Recipe – Interview with Eloise Minton

Happy Monday people! We all know Mondays can be a little slow... So, today, we've teamed up with the lovely Eloise Minton to share a quick, easy and nutritious recipe in aid of our all-new Clean Eats Class! As I'm sure many of you are aware, we will be opening our doors and putting you in the expert hands of Eloise this February!