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Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe – National English Toffee Day!

We know most of you are probably still recovering from over-indulging in festive treats, but c'mon guys! We are 8 days into January and who doesn't love a pick me up?   We know Monday's can be a little tough... so it's lucky it's National English Toffee Day hey! Of course, us lot at The Avenue have a crackin' recipe lined up for you guys

January Detox Smoothie Recipe!

😄 HEY AMIGO'S!!!!! We've missed you!!!! 😄 We're aware we sound a little over-excited but it's nice to be back, isn't it?! Well, perhaps not for everyone... but if you're feeling the January Blues then we've got the perfect little recipe for ya! We'll also be telling you exactly why! 😀 Before we get into that, how is [...]

Christmas Leftovers Smoked Salmon Canapé Recipe!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Did you get everything you asked for? Today we're going to be helping you shift all of those tasty Christmas leftovers and start thinking about what nibbles you'll be preparing for New Year. If making Canapés is your thing, we've got the class for you! Easy Canapé Making Class 2018!

Festive Gluhwein Recipe

I know it's early in the week but that doesn't stop us...Wine anyone? Let's be honest, Christmas gives us all an excuse to drink as much as we want and eat as much as we want. Whenever we want. With icy weather conditions outside, we thought now was the perfect time to share our gorgeous Gluhwein recipe! 

Christmas Mince Pie Recipe

This simple Avenue recipe packs a punch and will save you from those lazy Wednesday, "Why can't it just be Christmas now!" kinda vibes. Don't worry, we know everyone can get a little fed up with the winter weather and I'm sure we aren't the only ones suffering! Brrrrr...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

This is a delicious, indulgent Chocolate Cookie recipe for all you chocolate addicts! Perfect with a cuppa for these chilly November nights! Enjoy!

#WorldVeganDay Chilli and Guacamole Recipe!

We are so excited over here at The Avenue as it's World Vegan Day! Celebrate this glorious occasion with us and cook one of our favourite Vegan Recipes! 

#NationalPastaDay Pear and Ricotta Ravioli Recipe

Happy #NationalPastaDay everyone! If you'd like to celebrate Pasta day in style with us over at The Avenue Cookery School, try our delicious cheesy recipe!

Tarte Tatin Recipe in Honour of Apple Day!

This is the perfect end to a Sunday Roast. We all know that there is always room for a little extra dessert!

The Perfect Eggs Benedict

It's National Egg Week, so we've put together an absolutely cracking Eggs Benedict recipe from our  #BoozyBloggersBrunch for you to try at home! Great with salmon or bacon, these eggs are fantastic for a brunch with friends, and are perfect for those sleepy Sunday's, when all you fancy is a bit of breakfast in bed! [...]