• Falafel Workshop

    Do you love Falafel like we do? If the answer is yes, then this is the class for you! We are teaching you how to make these authentic Middle Eastern treats complete with all the traditional components.

    Times vary; see dropdown menu (lunch/dinner and BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze))

    Suitable for those keeping to a vegan diet

  • Vegan Spanish Tapas Class

    This Vegan Spanish Tapas Class is for those who have been dying to join our super popular Spanish Tapas Class but keep to a vegan diet. We will teach you an array of fantastic Spanish Tapas dishes with not an animal product in site.

    3 hours. Times vary, see drop down menu (lunch/dinner and bottomless vegan booze included)

    Those with a GF diet can be catered for on request

  • Vegan Indian Cooking Class

    Love Indian cuisine and the delicious flavours it brings to your plate?! This class will guide you through a variety of Indian spices and techniques without any meat or dairy in sight. You will be whipping up some of India’s most delicious plant-based dishes in no time!

    7pm – 10pm (dinner and bottomless wine included)

  • Vegan Basic Cooking Class

    These Vegan Basic Cooking Days allow you to join our amazing Vegan Course for just a day or 2. Each day is jam packed and structured in order to teach you to really understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. You will be introduced to a wonderful world of color, flavour and experience! What’s stopping you?!

    Weekdays 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
    Thursday + evening till 9pm (lunch and dinner included)

  • Vegan Bottomless Brunch Cooking Class

    Love a hearty Brunch, but short of eggless ideas?! Come and join our Vegan Brunch Club with Bottomless Bellini’s or Bloody Mary’s and learn how to make the ultimate Vegan brunch, that might even beat a normal one!

    10.30am – 12pm (brunch and bottomless booze included)

    Some dietary requirements can be catered for on request

  • Vegan Pudding Class

    Baking without eggs and dairy seem a bit daunting? Well it shouldn’t be! In fact, vegan baking can often be even easier than its diary based equivalent once you know the secrets and tips!

    4 hours. Times vary, see dropdown menu (tea and sweet treats included)

  • Best of British: Vegan Easy Christmas Class

    The festivities have begun and we can’t wait to share some mouth-watering tips ‘n tricks with our favourite Avenue fans this Christmas…Yes, that’s you! Much like our Easy Christmas Class, we’ll be exploring a whole host of family classics and rubbing up on our Roasties before the big day but this time completely free of animal products!!!

    Who’s ready?

    3pm – 8pm (dinner included & Bottomless Booze)

  • Sushi Making & Cocktail Shaking! Class

    So you know your spirits from your Sushi, but do you know how to perfectly pair the two?

    With this Sushi Making & Cocktail Shaking Class we (as in you and us) are living the foodie and boozey dream, and together we will be throwing a show-stopping evening of sushi making and cocktail shaking!

    Evenings 7pm – 10pm (dinner included & Bottomless Booze)

    Those keeping to a Vegan, LF or GF diet can be catered for on request

  • Sale!

    Vegan Sushi Workshop Supper Club

    Calling all vegan Sushi fanatics! Our tantalizing Japanese-inspired Vegan Sushi Workshop has begun its journey into a new and exciting world of vegan sushi and you are invited!…

    2 hours, times vary see dropdown menu (dinner/lunch included and BYOB)

    Those keeping to a GF diet can be catered for on request

  • Vegan Pasta Workshop Supper Club

    Our popular Pasta Workshop Supper Club is back at it again but this time with not an egg or sprinkling of cheese in sight!

    Have you missed a good ol’ bowl of comforting pasta, well we are waving goodbye to hunger pains and singing a warm hello to delicious fresh pockets of heaven, that are vegan and even an Italian wouldn’t guess the difference – bring on our Vegan Pasta Workshop Supper Club!

    2 hours. Times vary, see drop down menu (lunch/dinner and BYOB)

  • Vegan Cooking Course, 5 Days

    Whether you stick to a Vegan diet or just fancy learning how to make a variety of delicious plant-based recipes, you’re in the right place. From everyday recipes, to Mary Berry worthy bakes, we’ll have you knocking out an exceptional array of mouth-watering vegan meals – whilst having fun doing it!

    We know it can often be a bit of a struggle creating tasty Vegan dishes and using worthy alternatives, so we’re here to give you a helping hand. On this 5-day intensive course we will teach you the fundamentals of vegan cooking as well as a variety of useful tips and tricks in order for you to become the perfect Vegan cook!

    It really doesn’t have to all be so daunting…

    Accommodation is an optional extra, available in friendly local family run B&B’s. Breakfast included and supper on class days.

    Those keeping to a GF diet can be catered for on request. N.B. In order to cater for GF, with the odd dish it will be a matter of solely removing the gluten aspect rather than an alternative being provided

  • Sushi in The City

    If there is one thing that we know for sure, it’s that city folk love sushi! So we are bringing our immensely popular sushi class to your doorstep with our Sushi in The City! It really is what dreams are made of…

    Evenings 6.30pm – 9pm (dinner & bottomless booze included)

    Those keeping to a Vegan or GF diet can be catered for on request 

  • Vegan Ready Steady Bake Class

    Keep to a Vegan diet and love baking but struggle to find delicious vegan recipes? Well the wait is over my friends! This vegan addition to our Ready Steady Bake Classes will have you producing Mary Berry worthy bakes without an egg or pat of butter in sight!

    3 hours. Times vary, see drop down menu (cakes to take home)

    All ages welcome (younger than 10 years needs to be booked with a paying adult).

  • Vegan Class in The City

    We know Vegan food can have a bit of a bad name, so we are switching up stereotypes and throwing a mouth-watering night to remember by bringing our Vegan Classes to The City. We’ll be showing you The Avenue way to whip up 3-courses of unbelievably tasty vegan food accompanied by flowing Vegan wine, nibbles and fantastic company!

    Evenings 6.30pm – around 9.30pm (dinner and bottomless vegan booze included)

    For those keeping to a GF diet we can provide crudite instead of Pitta

    Address: Central Street Cookery School, 90 Central Street, London EC1V 8AJ

  • Pizza Workshop Supperclub

    Pizza lovers unite! Whether you like it stuffed crust and simple toppings or thin and loaded with different flavours, we are giving you the chance to make tasty pizza in an oven!

    After this incredible Pizza Workshop Supper Club, you’ll be making stunning pizzas with ease and giving shop bought and takeaway merchants a run for their money!

    2 hours. Times vary, see dropdown menu’s (dinner included and BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze))

    Those keeping to a vegan or vegetarian diet can be catered for on request,  just let us know!

  • Dinner-in-a-Dash

    Dinner-in-a-Dash is exactly what it says on the tin – learn how to whip up a quick, delicious and damn right impressive dinner with no time and no fuss! These recipes are so good, anyone else will think that you’ve slaved in the kitchen for days. Don’t all come running at once…

    See menu’s below
    Evenings 7pm – around 9.30pm (dinner and BYOB)

    To see dietary requirements we cater for please see below. N.B. In order to cater for Vegetarians or Vegans, with some menu’s it will be a matter of solely removing the protein from the dish

  • Vegan Mexican Street Food Class

    This Vegan Mexican Street Food Class will get you whipping up some of Mexicans best street food – vegan style! Tacos and churros galore – you won’t leave hungry (or thirsty!)!

    15th June 2pm – 5pm (dinner and bottomless booze included)
    All other dates, 7pm – 10pm (dinner and bottomless booze included)

  • Vegan Thai Cooking Class

    Our Vegan Thai Cooking Class is going to spice up your life and by the end you will leave being able to create 2 of Thailand’s most famous and delicious dishes!

    2.5 hours. Times vary, see drop down menu (lunch/dinner and booze included)

    Those keeping to a GF diet can be catered for on request

  • Knife Skills Class

    Fancy learning how to use a knife like a top chef? You’re in luck. Our top of the range Knife Skills Class will teach you everything you need to about those all-important knives and how to properly use them. These newly found skills will be put to use while producing a delicious 3 course meal accompanied by Diana’s freshly made bread and perhaps a glass of wine or two.

    7pm – 10pm (dinner and booze included)

    Suitable for those keeping to a GF diet. Vegans and Vegetarians can also be catered for on request

  • Bread Class

    The Avenue Bread Class is the perfect opportunity to ‘rise’ to the challenge and learn to make your own delicious bread! This class will teach you everything that you ‘knead’ to know, to become a star baker in no time!

    4 hours. Times vary, see drop down menu (nibbles included)

    All ages welcome (younger than 10 years needs to be booked with a paying adult).

    Suitable for those keeping to a vegan diet – just let us know!

  • Vegan Cooking Class

    Expand your plant-based horizons by cooking a delicious vegan dinner with our carefully constructed Vegan Cooking Class!

    Also available in our city location; Vegan Cooking Class The City

    See menu’s below

    7pm – 10pm (dinner and bottomless vegan booze included)
    21st December 2pm – 5pm (dinner and bottomless vegan booze included)

  • The Avenue Gift Voucher

    Our Vouchers are the perfect present for family and friends.

    Purchase either a prepaid amount or book any of our courses.

    Subject to T&C’s and availability.

    Vouchers valid for one year.