We have officially had 1 whole year of the COVID rat race, and it is fair to say a lot has changed. Sadly The Avenue had to close its doors for the first time since opening in 2004, but finally we are back on track and will be open and raring to go, better than ever, from the 12th of April – we are so excited!

Here we are in March 2021, and we thought it was time we caught you up with some Avenue shenanigans from the past year, so we have all answered some questions about our last year….

1. What has been your favourite meal cooked over the last year?

Diana – Barbecued Marinated Black Cod with Soba Noodle and Roasted Aubergine with Mango. Followed by Fig and Apple Squidgy Pudding, topped with a Salted Caramel Coconut. Yum Yum Yum in my tum!

Rich – Over the last year I have been working through all the the top Italian pasta recipes, so it has been a carb overload, but a delicious one for sure! I can’t pick a favourite dish though, they are all SO GOOD!

Sophie –  In August, between the 2 lockdowns, I had some burgers in the freezer that I made into some Beef Kofta’s by adding loads of spices and herbs and then did a Middle Eastern BBQ for friends and I thought it was absolutely delish, if I may say so myself!

Niv – Sophie made THE BEST Mac & Cheese a couple of months back – the sweetcorn made it!!

We have 100’s of delicious Avenue recipes on our blog, check them out by clicking here.

2. What is your favourite personal memory of the last year?

Diana – Cuddling our newest family member, Aily & hugging Sophie.

Rich – Throughout the first lockdown I built a van, which was pretty awesome!

Sophie –  Having my daughter – Aily!

Niv – Helping Sophie push out a baby on New years eve was quite something!

3. What is your funniest online class experience of the last year?

Diana – Definitely a Cocktails & Sushi online class … should probably have been Sushi & Cocktails, and less emphasis on the cocktails; I probably shouldn’t admit this, I think I was pissed before I even started, let alone after!
Rich – Tough one, but it would have to be a guy singing ‘oh Carolina – Shaggy’ like an absolute boss.

Sophie –  I haven’t been running the online classes but for things we have done online, I think our Avenue Foodie Pub Quiz was pretty hilarious and we had a lot of fun (and drinks) doing it!

Niv – I Haven’t taught any online classes, but I absolutely LOVED The Avenue Foodie InQUIZition! Back when we were not bored out of our brain with zoom quizzes, this one was actually pretty funny. 🥃

You can do The Avenue Foodie InQUIZition yourself – catch up on episode 1 on our IGTV by clicking here.

Check out our Online Cookery Classes on our website here, lockdown might be nearly over, but we are still LOVING teaching you all virtually!

4. The Avenue highlight of the last year

Diana – It would have to be, the brilliant times teaching our online classes, meeting amazing people from all over the world – a real new beginning for The Avenue!

Rich – It would have to be Sophie increasing the Avenue crew by 1 little human!

Sophie –  Reopening – 3 times! This year has been pretty all over the place, with opening and closing but we were so grateful we were able to get a couple of months of teaching in here and there.

Niv – Moving our cookery classes online was pretty awesome, I am so proud to work for such an innovative and agile business!

5. Hopes and wishes for the year to come?

Diana – I just hope that the life that we all took so for granted, will be back again soon! I can’t wait to be together, hug, and of course cook for friends and family once again. I am sending all my love and wishing that all our loyal Amigos are healthy and of course, happy!!
Rich – I am just waiting for the day when I can get back to teaching every evening and kite surfing and/or climbing every morning.

Sophie –  Life, and therefore our classes, to get back on track – we have missed the hoards of customers cooking in our kitchens with us!!!

Niv – I can’t wait for us all to get vaccinated and forget what covid even is!

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