Last night we held our wonderful Middle Eastern cooking class. This was the fifth in a series of delicious International Cooking Classes that we have hosted.

Our 11 guests arrived from the cold British weather to warm Middle Eastern vibes.  Chit chatting while picking on homemade Kubaneh, a traditional Middle Eastern bread, and sipping on wine

Richard put on a brilliant demonstration starting off by teaching the best way to handle a range of knives, how to chop onions and garlic properly, followed by a demonstration on the three dishes being cooked that evening.


Spiced Aubergine with a Saffron Yoghurt

Lamb Kofta with Jewelled Tabbouleh and a Whipped Feta Cream

Knefeh with an Orange Blossom Syrup

The cooking stations were set up around the kitchen and everyone was able to have a go at each element of the cooking process – from meticulously chopping parsley for the Tabbouleh, to forming the Kofte in their signature finger-indented shape.

When we sat down for dinner, Alessio, a representative from Whisper Vines, gave a brilliant wine pairing with each of the dishes. A semi-sweet white wine from the Piedmont region in North East Italy was paired with the delicate spicing on the aubergine, a delicate red was then chosen for the Lamb Kofte and lastly a sweet prosecco sparkling wine complimented the sweetness of the Knefeh wonderfully.


pic 2