We are super excited to introduce you to April’s Amigo of the Month, Nicholas! 🥳👋

Nicholas first decided to join The Avenue family as he discovered us by walking passed an advert for our school, just around the corner in Wandsworth Park a mere 6 months ago!

Nicholas said “I joined my first class during the Easter holidays, when I came home from school in March”. When we asked how many classes he’d done since then he said ”I started with the kids Chicken Burrito 🌯 class and because I enjoyed it so much, my Mum booked me for a class the following day and I joined the kids Thai Baked Chicken 🇹🇭 course”. – We have been so impressed with Nicholas’s cooking in these classes that head chef Diana even suggested Nicholas come and help out the other kids next time we run our Young Holiday Classes! 🧑‍🍳 < Chef Nicholas!

With all that cooking we thought there must be a stand out class that was your absolute favourite 🤔 and Nicholas said “I think I enjoyed the Chicken Burrito the most because I really enjoyed working with the other people in the class that day and also enjoyed making the Onion Bread and the 🍊 Orange Cake too.” We would have to agree with Nicholas that all of those flavour combo’s rock!🤤

❤️ We love cooking because everyone’s palate is unique as Nicholas discovered and agreed as he “ loved making the Chicken Burrito but my parents and grandparents really enjoyed me making the Thai Baked Chicken – they found it delicious!” 😂 Naturally we asked what Nicholas’s favourite dish was that he ate with us and he said “I really enjoyed eating the Lemon and Saffron Rice – it was absolutely delicious! 👌”

Much to our delight, we’ve discovered that one of our own Avenue recipes ranked number 1 in Nicholas’s most obscure things he’s ever cooked. He “found it very odd to use beetroot  in the red velvet cake – I think this is the most obscure thing I have made in a kitchen!” – 🤣 we’re proud of that one… it may seem weird but it sure is delicious! 😉

Nicholas is “undecided between a 🍕 Pizza-Making Class and a 🍱 Sushi Class” for his next one. “We have a pizza oven but my Dad always manages to burn the pizzas but I love sushi!” – 😂 oh Dad! We reckon you should both come to our Pizza Workshop for some father and son time… we’ll show you how to master that pizza …then perhaps the sushi after?!

For Nicholas’s final question we asked him if he had any final comments and we love his reply – “Thank you very much for such a fabulous experience!”

No, thank you Nicholas and we can’t wait to have you back! 🥰

* If we made you feel a part of The Avenue family and you would like to be an Amigo of The Month please respond to the mailer or email us directly on info@theavenuecookeryschool.com