This past week at The Avenue Cookery School…

Saturday – We had the first class of our Saturday Really Useful Course followed by another private Mocktail party for 11 kids – 2nd week running, proving popular these kids parties!

Sunday – Day of rest or just A LOT of recipe testing – dumplings, homemade sausages, custard tart – to name a few

Monday – A day hard at work in the office – its gotta be done

Tuesday – Our Men’s 101 day class where the men got to fillet a fish and make their own Gnocchi

Wednesday – Sophie jetted off to Paris for the Easter weekend leaving the rest hard at work

Thursday – Kitchen Hire with a large side of more admin work

Friday – It’s bank holiday but the kitchen doesn’t rest – DofE Bronze Class


Next weeks main events

Saturday 26th 10am – 3pm – Saturday Really Useful Course

Wednesday 30th 11am – 2pm – Ladies Class and 7pm – 10pm – Dinner Party Dining (2)

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* WARNING: side effects may include extreme hunger, mouth salivation and tummy rumbling.