Our kitchens have gotten international with some fantastic world food classes this week! Keep reading to find out all we got up to!

We welcomed our After School group back into our kitchens this Tuesday, and Richard taught the little-ones how to make dim sum! We don’t follow the usual ‘cupcakes and pizza’ template, and instead teach our kids how to make exciting and complex recipes!

On Wednesday we hosted our first ever Peruvian Cookery Class. Students learnt how to cook up a Tuna Cerviche for starter, followed by Peruvian Stir-Fry and a Spicy Coriander Sauce, and then a fabulous Arroz con Leche for pudding.

On Thursday, whilst Diana and Alice were meeting all the lovely students from Berkhamstead School Gap Fair, Richard taught our brand-new Thai Class back in our London kitchens. Students cooked-up a Pad Thai, followed by a Mango Sticky Rice for pudding! Delicious! It’s so great to learn these fabulous international dishes and introduce you all to these delicious world flavours! Check our Spanish Tapas Class, taught by our Spanish chef Monica, and our Indian Street Food Class, taught by the fabulous Hari Ghotra!

On Friday we got crafty at the lovely Martha’s Birthday Party, constructing Victoria Sponge Cupcakes, Shortbread and Brownies! Got a birthday coming? Talk to Sophie about all our great birthday packages to find out more.

This weekend, we’re hosting our Kids Weekend Cooking Class, whipping up a delicious chicken katsu curry with rice, before the whole Avenue family heads off for a very special beach wedding! We’ll be back the week after next in full-swing, which a bunch of fantastic cookery classes!


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