Our kitchen’s been full of activity this week, as we’ve had our week-long Duke of Edinburgh Course on. It’s great to teach people the great life skill of cookery, whilst helping them achieve such a worthwhile award. And as if we weren’t busy enough, we’ve had evening classes on too, with Simple Suppers on Wednesday and our one-off Butchery Event on Thursday!

Monday was an especially busy day. We invited a set of extended course student into the kitchen and things swung off to a great start! We also had Diana teaching a private fish class and the lovely Mary learnt how to make a vast range of different fish dishes, from Scallops, En Papillote, Fish Baked in Salt, Moules Marinier, Tuna Steak with Salsa and Calamari!

Tuesday had the students cook up an absolutely delicious chicken pie. In the evening, Diana and Alice headed into central London, to one of its top landmarks, The Shard for an event on food photography! It was great to hear about how to take great pictures of food from top people in the field. Keep an eye on our Instagram for our photos as we hope to take all of the tips and tricks on board!

On Wednesday, we hosted our twelfth Simple Supper Class which went down a storm! Our lovely students put together a scrumptious Mediterranean Chicken with Roasted Vegetables and an Almond and Coriander Couscous and a sweet Lemon and Almond Torte with an Easy Ice Cream for pudding!

Thursday is where things got really exciting. Diana picked up half a pig from the Butcher in the afternoon, which weighed in at 75kg, head still attached! We invited along the amazing meat specialist David Redman to show us how to properly cut and butcher meat. It was great to do something a little different and the theatricality of David sawing away at half a pig had us all gripped! After the meat had all been butchered and prepped, we whipped up a delicious Asian Gau Bao bun with pulled pork. We have plenty of pork left over in the deep freeze, so safe to say that we’ll be having sausages for lunch for the next few weeks!

It’s been great to have another extended cookery class on in the kitchen, and we’ve been kept on out toes by our evening classes too!

On Sunday, we are also putting on our Kids Weekend Cookery Classes, so Richard will be getting stuck in teaching the little chaps a moreish Salted Chocolate Mousse with Shortbread Biscuits and Berries!

Next week promises to be as busy as the last, as we are kicking off our Easter Young Holiday Classes! We’ll be putting the kids to work with some great complex recipes, to set them up for independent cookery with this important like skill!


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