Yo team! How are we on this fine Friday afternoon? 😍

Well well well… here we are again. It’s Friday and I’m here to hit you up with our fanatical Weekly Shenanigans! It’s crazy, every single week we manage to fit so much in! This week has been a bit of a manic one, to say the least. With Christmas soon approaching we’ve got a lot of planning to do…

Not only are our Christmas Edition classes almost fully booked, but we’ve only gone and added some new (and extremely exciting) classes for you too!

Can I get a drum roll, please?

We introduce to you…

I know, I know. Aren’t we just the best?

Anyway. Let’s talk about Monday.

Poor Rich had his tonsils out on Monday so let’s all wish him a speedy recovery! I never thought I’d see the day I missed his rather inappropriate jokes in the office… Oh yeah, and his cooking. Sadly, he’s been in and out of hospital all week so hasn’t been able to show his pretty face!

Errr…pretty face? I think I’ll take that back.

While Rich was tucked away in bed recovering on Monday evening we had the lovely KRM in the Kitchen for a corporate event. Diana and Jason helped them cook up a festive storm in the kitchen. Succulent chicken thighs and ever so naughty chocolate logs.

Oh, Christmas. You really do give me more excuses to eat a never-ending amount of choccy…

Malteser anyone?

The evening was fantastic. The Avenue was filled with sensational sweet smells and smiles. What a way to kick-start the week!

Tuesday brought the likes of our lovely guest cake chef Nikola in to do some Ready Steady Bake Festive organisation with Soph. The candy-inspired shopping order was just as extravagant as Nikola! You guys really are in for a treat. Most definitely a treat in fact. We’ve got the wonderful photographer Niki also in for the class and no doubt he’ll be snapping (and nibbling) some incredible festive cakes!
Zoe also joined us on Tuesday to create a jaw-dropping roast dinner with Diana. I must say, her gravy was quite possibly the nicest I’ve EVER tried! Seriously… and don’t even get me started on the roast potatoes. She really is becoming quite the chef!

Mid-week madness hit The Avenue on Wednesday with Diana hosting a mini brunch with Zoe! Typical girl gossip flooded through the office with the salty smell of smoky streaky bacon. Mmmmm. The benefits of working at a cookery school? LEFTOVERS!? Eggs benny for me, please! Zoe left just after brekky and Diana began to prep for our much awaited Dinner Party Dining Class, Christmas Style! Jason soon joined just in time for the evening antics. Once again The Avenue have thrown another incredibly successful class! Gluwhein, mince pies and brandy butter fueled everyone’s rumbling tums! We rounded off the night with another extremely devilish Chocolate log. Not even a crumb left in sight…gutted!

Thursday already?! We had the lovely Indian Guest Chef Rani in to show us some tricks of the trade. Us office girls dived straight into her exquisite ‘Batata Vada’ – a popular potato pati style street food from Mumbai. We are more than excited to introduce Rani to the school and can seriously vouch for her delicious food! All her own recipes I must add (she even has her own cookbook!).

While Rich is recovering at home, Diana is holding down the fort and already began her prep for Saturday’s b-day bashes!


Oh Rich, please recover soon! We miss you!

Although the cold weather is hitting us hard, spirits are high at The Avenue! Christmas tunes are being played in the office and we are cracking on with all the festive prep. We’ve got some lovely Christmas recipes to post for you guys in the next few weeks and of course our 12 Day Christmas Giveaway Countdown over on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible it is! Who’s buzzing? Not long now…BTW, did you catch our Christmas Meringues Recipe this week? If you haven’t – check it out!

This weekend is probably one of the busiest we’ve ever had! We have Rose’s 12th birthday at the Avenue where we’ll be cookin’ up not just a Chocolate Roulade but some fresh birthday style Ravioli pillows. Who doesn’t love a big bowl of homemade Avenue Pasta? It’s what we do best and you can see for yourselves at our upcoming Pasta Cookery Class in The City.
Not long after, we open The Avenue doors for Victoria – it’s her 30th birthday and I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Peruvian style feeling!

Mouth-watering I know… If this tickles ya fancy, check out our Peruvian Cooking Class where you can re-create this gorgeous chicken dish and the Tuna Ceviche they will also be making.

Sunday Funday means an early start with our Bread Class! Pita, Diana’s Bread, Foccacia to name a few. You name it… we’ve done it. I can smell the fresh bakes already. After such a busy week you’d think we’d be resting on Sunday evening… that’s not what we do here. WE BAKE! Say hello to Christmas Bauble cakes and goodbye to Sunday night on the sofa. That’s right, it’s our Ready Stead Bake Christmas Class with the gorgeous Nikola of NDCakes, (who made our amazing Santa cake)! We are absolutely buzzing for this one! I’ll let you all know how it goes next week.

Don’t forget you can buy an Avenue Gift Voucher and treat your loved ones to the perfect gift this Christmas – A CLASS WITH US!!!

Lot’s of Avenue lurrrvvvvvv!

Catch up next week x