Finally, it’s Friday! Can you believe we are one week into February already? 😱

January was a slow month trying to get back into the swing of things… 😓 BUT, we are full-force into Feb and it’s been a great week! From Nutella indulgence to Avenue Tours – we’ve done it all and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. The Valentine’s countdown begins and we have a CRAZY amount of classes lined up next week, so don’t forget to check them out! We’ve also introduced a lovely little monthly sale to add our list of generosity. We don’t think it’s fair January is the only month renowned for its whopping sales. So, we’ve hand-picked a selection of our favourite classes for you to enjoy – for less! Head over to our sale page now to see what discounts you can get ya hands on. #AvenueMonthlySales. You ‘erd it here first!

Oh, Monday. Don’t we love you… Soph was finally back from her dreamy belated Honeymoon touring Italy with Hubby, Shanga. YAY. With a tonne of emails to get through – Monday was a rather quick day! We had the lovely Zoe back in for a Private Class with Diana so the kitchen was filled with the warming aroma of chicken pie. Nothin’ like a pie to clear our Monday blues. Although the weather is turning more arctic, the evenings and mornings are beginning to get a little lighter, which seems spring is on the horizon – hooray!
Monday was also a big day because it was NUTELLA DAY! 😄Around the world, millions of people were celebrating their love for Nutella, including us! We decided to spend the day knocking up one of our all-time favourite recipes… Chocolate Cheesecake with a twist. Rich of course was on the BALL creating a luxurious Nutella-filled Cheesecake recipe to release to all you hungry fans! After a week of over-indulging in Parmesan and Parma ham, even Soph was ready to scoff down a spoonful or 5…

Still feeling pretty full after yesterdays Nutella antics, we spent the Tuesday reveling in guilt… only kidding! We spent the day cooking even more of course! Zoe was back once again cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The sweet smell of Hoi Sin Roast Duck Dimsum filled The Avenue air with a few tasters for the office girls the office filled with happy chatter. Yum… 🤤 The day drew to a close sharply and we began to prep for the evenings Tapas Class taught by the lovely, Monica. Corrrr what a menu! From Spanish Tortilla to Prawns Pil Pil to gorgeous Pincho Moruno Chicken Skewers. Not to mention the Olive Oil and Sea Salt Chocolate Pots…nomnomnom – no one wanted to end!!

Wednesday came and was yet another chocolate filled day. You’d of thought we’d had enough right? 😉 We started our day making tray after tray of our famous Chocolate brownies! We were heading to another College Gap Fair in Winchester on Thursday so needed to make sure we were fully stocked up… and after last months gap-fair appearance at Forest School in London, we had to be sure we had enough to feed everyone including us (but mainly for Emily).

Here is a little pic of us last month rockin’ around with our future cookery students – see the green banner center stage with the large group of people round – yup that’s us!!

We ended a wonderfully sweet smelling Wednesday with our much-awaited Fish Class! The class started with a thorough demonstration, displaying how to perfectly cook Scallops, learning how to fillet and Salt Bake Fish, Moules Marines, cooking Tuna Steak and how to create the PERFECT Calamari! The Chefs also pre-made some lovely little Lemon Possets for everyone to enjoy after their seamply amazing mains.

Thursday is calling!

With Soph behind the wheel, we packed up our brownies, banners and brains and going down south to Winchester College Gap Fair! We were super excited to meet everyone and on arrival, we were greeted by lovely smiley students that pointed us in the right direction of the great hall where we showcased our gorgeous courses. If you’re Off to Uni in September, need to complete your Gold Residential DofE or perhaps want to be a Chalet or Yacht Host, you’re in the right place! Head over to our website now and check out our amazing extended courses. Some start next week but it’s never too late! With the girls living it up large in Winchester, back at base we had our delightful and long time running Dinner Party Dining Class! On the menu? Parma Ham, Sun-Dried Tomato and Ricotta Stuffed Courgette Rolls, Thai Salmon Parcels on a Vegetable Stir Fry with Sweet Chilli Sauce. To finish off, a loooooverly little Lemon and Almond Torte. WOW. 😝

Aaaaand hooray, it’s Friday people! Today we are celebrating as after travelling all the way to Winchester to see the lovely people of Winchester College, we are so pleased to have some new students on board! Everyone, of course, loved the Brownies so we’ve spent today sending everyone the recipe. Don’t worry guys it’s on the website so if you fancy some weekend cookin’ check it out. It’s been a busy week but we are getting geared up for tonight’s antics. If you guys weren’t already aware, Mindful Chef has moved in next door – howdy neighbours! Head over to their website and check out exactly what they are all about if you haven’t already. Tonight, they are hosting a party at their new digs and and we are super excited to celebrate their arrival. In just a couple of hours, we’ll be packing up our things, putting our warm jackets and scarves and bracing the bitter cold walk…next door. Convenient, hey! In other exciting news, we will be teaming up with Mindful Chef this year with even more exciting plans…we’ll fill you in soon but keep your ear to the ground for a great colab.

We are going to spend this weekend mentally preparing ourselves for next week as it is a busy one. By Monday we’ll have kick-started our first week long course of 2018, 9-5pm! BUT not only will we be opening our doors to our lovely course students, but we have a class running every night as well, including our Valentine’s Classes in Wandsworth and in The City. For those of you that aren’t aware of our loved-up class list, here ya go!

❤️ Cooking With Cupid – Valentine’s Class in The City

❤️ Cooking With Cupid – Valentine’s Class – FULLY BOOKED

❤️ Vegan Ready Steady Bake Class

❤️ Vegan Valentine’s Cookery Class

❤️ Ready Steady Bake Class!

Anyhoo we’ll catch up next week but in the meantime if you have a minute, check out this wonderful review of our Sushi in The City class by Milly! Thanks a bunny Milly, what lovely pics!

Happy weekend!

The Avenue x