Hello…it’s us.

The Avenue.

We’re back…with another episode of the Weekly Shenanigans.

Diana, Sophie and Richard have spent the week working from New York City. Yes, we’re a little jealous too. Check out the NYC Version of the Rich in the City picture! They went out to support the AMAZING Zoe North in the New York Marathon. She’s got a pretty cool story actually. If you want to read a bit more about it take a look at her Just Giving page. And if you want the HONOUR of meeting her in person, pop along to our Re-Launch Party on Thursday 16th November from 5:30pm. It’s gonna be LIT.


On Saturday Ski Beat took over The Avenue again on Saturday to train up some of their chalet hosts before the winter season starts next Month! If you’re off on a ski season and did a course at The Avenue, make sure you tag us in any of your foodie creations or wearing your Avenue Tshirt on the slopes! We love seeing what you guys get up to once you leave our kitchens!

Saturday, we also hosted a private children’s birthday party. It was a Great British bake off theme and Jason and Fran oversaw the making and judging of the final bakes, ensuring there were no soggy bottoms in sight!

The Horsford’s touched down in the UK on Wednesday afternoon and got straight back into Avenue Action. Rich ran our Sushi Workshop Supperclub on Wednesday they made a selection of different types of sushi including Spicy Tuna and Prawn and Avocado Hand Rolls. We also had another Peruvian Cookery Class on Thursday evening, where students got to enjoy the most delicious chicken you’ll ever try in your life. Avenue Guarantee (DISCLAIMER: We can’t be held accountable for anyone who doesn’t agree with this statement. In any case, they’re probably wrong.)

Fri-yay. Our favourite word. And not because it means the weekend is near. Its because we’ve got our favourite Vegan Cookery Class running and the menu was hotter than ever. We know parents shouldn’t have favourites, but this Vegan class is pretty exceptional. The food is always delicious, the students are always lovely, and it will never get you called into the headmistresses’ office for pushing the swimming teacher in the pool. Sorry…. back to talking about the Vegan cookery class again. But yeah, we love the Vegan Class and we think you will too. They’ll be enjoying Baked Falafel with Tahini dressing, Crispy Aubergine with Katsu Curry sauce and Cheesecake with Berry Coulis. Mmm.

This Saturday, Chef Jason will cruise over West of Wandsworth, sunnies on, in his Silver Mini Cooper, to teach a Private Lesson in Barnes. They’ll be throwing together some delicious Steak Frites with a stunning Dairy and Gluten Free Chocolate tart for puds. What’s that noise? I think it’s your stomach rumbling… Oh no, wait, it’s ours…

Sundays are for sitting back, relaxing and reading the Sunday paper…while the kids enjoy an afternoon cookery lesson at The Avenue. Bliss right? This week at the Kids Weekend Cookery Class, they’ll be whipping up some homemade Pitta Bread with a few yummy dips to eat them with. If you’re lucky, they might even bring some back home for you to taste!

In case you haven’t seen already, we’ve dropped some new dates for December and Christmas that we think you’d be silly to not book onto, such as our first ever Pasta Cookery Class In The City, just off Old Street on 14th December.  We also have a selection of great Christmas themed classes to get you feeling festive, including, Easy Christmas Class, Vegan Cookery Class, Dinner Party Dining and a Ready Steady Bake Christmas Edition which will take you from amateur cake baker to graphic designer (maybe) in 3 and a half hours. Whoa.

But that’s enough about this week. Onto next week, which can only mean one thing…


 Ok. Stop yelling.

But seriously, we might explode from the excitement. We’ll see all you lovely people on Thursday at The Avenue, 5:30 onwards for a jam packed night of food, booze, fun (not the organized kind) and a pretty darn good raffle if we do say so ourselves.

We’ve got some great prizes lined up including (but definitely not limited to) a goody bag from Pip&Nut, Pergola on the Roof £100 bar tab, Sheerluxe VIP Card, Franco Manca Meal for 2, Mason Cash bakery goodies, Aeropress Coffee Press and a Harley Street Skin Care products! And breathe.

 If that doesn’t entice you to pop along and buy a strip of raffle tickets, maybe this will…

Some of the profits from the Raffle will be going to Our Mate Zoe’s wonderful fundraising cause for SPARKS and Great Ormonds Street. SPARKS funds pioneering child health research and Zoe is raising money for research into premature birth.

We think Zoe’s pretty blooming brilliant. Despite having Cerebral Palsy, she’s just completed her second Marathon, this time in New York. Take a look at her fundraising page, it’ll blow your socks off.

We think we’ve said enough for one Weekly Shenanigans. In Fact, we think we’ve said too much.

Peace out.

The Avenue x