The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans – we’re makin’ some changes

The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans – we’re makin’ some changes

Hello guys! 😋

It’s been a bitterly cold few days this week and we are just about managing to cope. With most of London beginning to hibernate, we decided to warm the streets with a variety of tasty classes. We really are heroes, aren’t we? From two WeWork Sushi demos to a scrumptious Dinner-in-a-Dash class and a boozy Vegan Dinner… we tackled London’s winter snowfall the right way – with delicious food and fun! We say winter, but really we are now in March and it doesn’t seem to be the warmest start to spring we’ve ever had…

Anyway, this won’t be our usual shenanigans and we can’t stay for long as we’ve got some Avenue news to announce… we’ve decided to switch things up. Although many of you may be sad to hear, we’ll sadly be saying goodbye to the Avenues Weekly Shenanigans…

I know, I know…don’t panic!

With the new website almost up and running and the cookery school beginning to take off this year, we just don’t have enough hours in the day! Never fear, we know how much you’ll miss hearing about our antics, so we’ll condense the ‘important’ bits down for you alongside our much loved weekly recipes – see it as a tasty bit on the side.

Rich is off skydiving this weekend and we’ve got kids classes and parties galore. Wish him luck! For the kid’s parties, we mean…

So long my lovely shenanigan readers – we’ll catch up next week!

The Avenue x


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