Introducing our newest member of The Avenue Family and our December Amigo of the Month… the wonderful Sisi!👋 

She has recently joined our family as a volunteer to learn the ropes and has been an absolute delight from the day she started 💚. Sisi has been impressing us with the amazing new ideas she brings to the kitchen and her uniqueness has added a wonderful new spice 🌶️ to The Avenue kitchen. So, we thought it only right that you get to know her in the best way we know how…by doing an Avenue Amigo interview! Enjoy 😄

Why did you decide to start a career in cooking?

“I come from an art background but I feel as though there’s a lot of crossover in the creative processes of cooking and making art. I just knew for a while that I am a lot more passionate about food and was spending all of my time in the kitchen so the transition made sense!” 🎨 👩‍🍳

What’s been your favourite dish to learn and make at The Avenue?

“We tested some Apple Crumble Ice Cream which was fab 🍎🍨- I learnt multiple new techniques and it was so good we couldn’t stop eating it!” 😋

Is there a new cuisine that you would like to learn and master? 

“Not so much a cuisine, but I really want to learn as much as I can about cooking meat – I was veggie for 6 years so arrived at The Avenue knowing next to nothing about meat but I’m loving learning about the technical side of things. 🥩 And also baking, particularly bread. I’ve been scared of bread because I just didn’t know anything about the science but I’m getting to grips with it as the weeks go on!” 🍞

What is your favourite comfort food and why does it hold a special place in your heart?

“Probably any kind of noodle soup because it just feels like a hug in a bowl. I think anything you can eat out of a bowl with a spoon means comfort for me.” 🍜 😍

Are there any flavours/ ingredients that you simply could not live without in your kitchen?

“I use tahini and harissa a lot as I’ve loved cooking Middle Eastern food for years, but peanut butter would definitely be top my list for not being able to live without… I eat it every day! And also a good chilli oil, I’m loving a preserved black bean one at the moment.” 🥜 🤤

If you had to make a show-stopper meal for Rich and Diana… What would it be? 

“Maybe a Slow-Cooked Lamb Shawarma, with fresh pitta and all of the spicy sauces and fresh sides. I think it brings the perfect balance of unctuous, soft, spicy and crisp in one! And then maybe finish off with a Cheesecake to send them into a proper food coma.” 🤪

Finally, you are off to Japan to spend the New Year!! What places are on the travel itinerary? And what dishes are you looking forward to eating?!?

“I’m doing Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and then heading north to Hokkaido for some skiing! ⛷️ I really can’t wait, particularly for the food. The most difficult question I’ve often been asked is what my ultimate dream meal would be… there’s just so much I like so I could never decide, but the one thing I do know is that some sort of raw fish would be on there, I really love it. So I’m looking forward to lots of sushi and also trying loads of things I’ve never even heard of before. 🍣  Currently making lists of cool Izakayas to spend evenings trying new cocktails and eating all sorts.” 🇯🇵

We are delighted to have you on board Sisi and we hope you continue to grow on your cooking journey. Thank you for being an amazing amigo! 💚

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