1 cucumber, ends trimmed
1/2 bottle white wine
200ml elderflower cordial
a few mint sprigs, mint picked
2 x 1L bottles soda water, chilled


Chop the cucumber into a few chunks, then put in a Magimix with the wine and elderflower cordial.
Whizz until well blended, then pour through a sieve set over a large bowl or jug.

Tip the contents of the sieve back into the machine, whizz again until pulpy, then sieve again into the liquid already collected.
Add 1-2 tbsp of the cucumber pulp from the sieve into the liquid and discard the rest. Chill until ready to serve.

To serve, fill glasses with a few ice cubes and some mint leaves. Pour in enough cucumber base to come halfway up the glass, then top up with soda water.


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