Fathers Day Gift Guide 🎩🎁

Fathers Day Gift Guide 🎩🎁

It is that time of year again when we celebrate all things ‘Dad’ – but as another Fathers Day rolls around we are all stuck with the same question … what do you get the man that’s got everything? We thought we would lend out an Avenue helping hand and give you some Fathers Day inspiration to put a smile on your main-mans face.

Gifts for less than £50 

The Avenue Meat Box – £45 – Our delicious meat box is full of the highest quality, tastiest meat you could get your hands on. Get this box and let your father show off his meat cooking skills.
You get all of the below for just £45, including delivery. Click here to see more details and more options
1 x 480g Beef Mince @ 15% fat,
2 x 250g British Beef Rump Steak,
1 x 800g Beef Topside,
2 x 6oz Rump Steak Burger (pack of 2)

Bottomless Brunch Voucher – £49 – Nothing screams Happy Fathers Day more than bottomless booze – need we say more? Click here to see for yourself!

We do a vegan class too – click here for details.

Prezzies for less than £70 

A £65 Workshop Voucher – From Curry workshops to Fish & Chips or Sushi we have a huge list to choose from. Click here to see all your tasty options.

Perhaps you are struggling to decide all those delicious options? Why not just get him a voucher with monetary value? Then you can do all the giving and he can do all the choosing! – Click here to buy a gift voucher.

The Great Meat Boxes – £65 – Is your Dad a little bit of chef in the kitchen? Well without doubt he will love our ‘Great’ meat box then!  Click here to check it out!
2 x 250g Angus 35 Day Dry Aged Sirloin Steak
2 x 250g Angus 35 Day Dry Aged Ribeye Steak
1 x 550g Exceptional 21 Day Dry Aged 2 Bone Pork Tomahawk
2 x 280g Steak Stir Fry (sirloin/rump)
2 x 6oz Rump Steak Burger (pack of 2)

Presents for less than £100 

Beef wellington Class – £90 – Your Dad will learn how to make the ultimate beef wellington on this class, which means perfectly cooked meat and no soggy pastry in sight! Check out the class here.

Bao Class – £90 – Broaden your father’s culinary horizons with our Thaiwanese Bao Class – not only are they super fun to make, but they also taste incredible!  Check out more information here.

Indian Cooking Class – £90 – Most out there love a curry, so instead of sitting in the local curry house, why not get into The Avenue kitchens and make some delicious curries from scratch!  Check out more information about the menu and the class here. 

Sri Lankan Cooking Class – £90 – Travel might not be on the cards for a while, so we are bringing delicious and exotic food to you!  Check out more information about the class here. 

Knife Skills Class – £95 – Check out all the skills your Dad could learn here.

Best of British: Gastro Pub Grub Class – £99 – This class will wow the socks of your Dad, because honestly … who doesn’t love a 3-course meal including Sirloin Steak with Triple Cooked Chips? Check out the class here.

The Best Meat Box – £95 – The ultimate delicious meat box is now available and you can purchase one for your father right here.
2 x 250g Angus Fillet Steaks
1 x 600g Exceptional 35 Day Dry Aged Beef T-Bone
1 x 1kg Exceptional Beef Tomahawk
1 x 550g Exceptional 21 Day Dry Aged 2 Bone Pork Tomahawk
2 x 6oz Rump Steak Burger (pack of 2)

Treats for more than £100

Fish Class – £110 – Your Dad will be able to handle fish and seafood with his eyes closed after this class. Who needs a family fishing trip anyway, its the eating which is the fun bit! Check out more information here. 

Best of British – Cooking the Perfect Roast Class – £120 – Step back mum, because after this class it will be Dad who is dominating Sunday lunch! Check out the menu here

Sous Vide Class – £120 – We all know Dads love their gadgets, and a sous vide machine is no exception.  Check out more information here.

Live Online Private BBQ Class – £150 – Take your family BBQ from an average 4 to a sensational 10, with our delicious online private BBQ class. – Click here to check out the menu.

Live Online Private Masterclasss – From £150 – Let your Dad wild in the kitchen and treat him to a private online masterclass, where he can learn how to cook pretty much anything under the sun, from our resident pro’s, Richard or Diana – Click here to see some options! 


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