February’s Amigo of The Month

February’s Amigo of The Month

Zac first started his Avenue adventure when he took part in a Sushi Workshop with his mum and her friend, Cath, and Cath’s daughter, Eva, back in August 2021. Zac says, “Since then, my friend Hanna and I have done a Halloween Cupcake Class with our mums and younger siblings, Arlo and Imara and also a Young Holiday Class with Hanna.”

We asked Zac what his favourite thing to cook is and he said, “I really like making bread, including Focaccia, Cottage Loafs, Brown Baps and French Baguette. The dough feels really nice in your hands, and it gets so big when it rises and I like cracking eggs. So it’s a win win win!”

We asked Zac what his favourite dish at The Avenue was, and he answered, “I really enjoyed rolling the rice in sushi and chopping and slicing the fish and veg.”

We asked if Zac had tried cooking anything crazy during lockdown and he said, “We tried lots of abroad food every Friday to break the boredom of home learning. On a Friday we watched a movie, and ate dinner and snacks linked to that country e.g. fig and date balls (Spain), Ghibra cookies (Morrocco) and one week where my brother and I were feeling ambitious we set up a mini restaurant called Le Petit Bistro, with the slogan, ‘Nurriture Deliceuse et cuisine Raffinee’. My brother Arlo and I were the waiters and made a French style baguette.” We honestly think this is one of the best examples of time well spent in lockdown – lucky parents!!

We asked Zac what his favourite class at The Avenue was and he answered, “My favourite class at The Avenue was probably the Young Holiday Class, making a 3 course meal. It was very fun because our teachers (Dan and Enzo) were really nice and made the steps easier to remember. I also enjoyed eating it and doing some more independent cooking and doing the class with Hanna. We made a great team. Hanna and I have made the Focaccia and Rocky Road from the class again as well.”

And finally, we asked Zac what class he’d like to do in the future and he said, “I am going to do another sushi class with Hanna and I’d like to do another Young Holiday Class too!


And there you have it. Thanks Zac, for being such a loyal Amigo and we look forward to having you back soon!

* If we made you feel a part of The Avenue family and you would like to be an Amigo of The Month please respond to the mailer or email us directly on info@theavenuecookeryschool.com



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