Gin & Grapefruit Granita

Gin & Grapefruit Granita

Ok so we found it quite contradictory that it is both #DryJanuary and #Ginuary but we had to make a decision, and well, we don’t believe in depriving yourselves from lovely things such as Gin so we thought we would share with you our delicious Gin & Grapefruit Granita in celebration of the better (and way more fun 🎉) month of #Ginuary.

1 tin of grapefruit in natural juice (400g)
150 ml stock syrup (150ml water, 150g caster sugar)
150ml gin


Make up the sugar syrup by dissolving the sugar and water, bring to the boil and simmer for five minutes.

Liquidise all the ingredients together, place in a sealed pot and freeze. Once frozen, remove from freezer for 20 minutes and whisk up with a fork or electric beater.

Return to the freezer.

N.B. Serve in a wine glass and use as a palate cleanser.


If you are taking January as a detox month then save this until February and join us on our January Detox Classes, find details here.



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