Do you like your desserts sharp, with enough kick to rival Ronaldo? Well, we’ve got the ideal recipe for you 🍸

With summer finally here, why not try our Grapefruit and Gin Granita as the perfect palate cleanser. Plus, it’s #WorldGinDay on the 12th June, just incase you needed another excuse!

Alternatively, if you find it a little too sharp (as it does pack quite a punch), just add a splash of lemonade or tonic water and create a delicious, more mild mannered, summer cocktail! 😎

1 tin of grapefruit in natural juice (400g) – or any tinned fruit of your choice, just make sure you balance it with a healthy squeeze of lemon or lime juice for that sharp kick
150ml sugar syrup (150ml water, 150g caster sugar)
150ml gin


Make up the sugar syrup by dissolving the sugar and water, bring to the boil and simmer for five minutes.

Let the syrup cool a little, before liquidising all the ingredients together. Once blended, place the mixture in a sealed pot and freeze.

Once frozen, remove from freezer for 20 minutes and whisk up with a fork or electric beater.

Return to the freezer for a short while before serving.