It is the Queen of The Avenue’s Birthday today 🙌 and we are making a fuss of her! Sticking with our tradition, we have quizzed Diana so we can all get to know her a little bit more and see what makes her tick… enjoy! x 🥂


are your birthday plans this year?

Going in a wind tunnel with the family for half an hour and then having a slap up dinner which Richard will knock up with some delicious wines. 🤤

If you had to choose between only eating sweet or savoury for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Savoury as would like to keep my teeth!✨

Have you been to any really nice restaurants lately?

Took Richard’s girlfriend Nalia to London Stock which is local… it was good and took my own wine so that I knew the wine would be deliciously delicious!!

Which food do you REALLY not like and why?

Offal of any type! I showed a friend how to cook fried sweetbreads which I thought were pretty amazing…. then she cooked them for a dinner party for my boyfriend. I thought they were disgusting after one mouthful and left them discretely on the side of my plate but everyone else ate them (poor things, I should think out of politeness) only to realise the following day the reason they were disgusting was that she forgot to simmer them (i.e. cook them!!) before frying!! Put me off for life even though I only had a very small nibble of them!! 😂 Quite funny nevertheless!!

What is the next BIG holiday that you’d like to go on?

 ✈️ Thailand with the family to eat some amazing food and see incredible sights.

We’ve been releasing some new classes lately, which one would you like to indulge in?

Korean as I don’t ever eat fried food but the 🇰🇵 Korean Fried Chicken is possibly the best fried food I have ever had, light and very very crispy due to being double fried and not oily at all!

What is one thing we’d never guess about you?

I’m not hugely sociable…… don’t like drinking during the week!

Who is the better cook, you or Richard?

Difficult one!!! 🤔 Possibly Richard in the new foods as he is always experimenting but I think our taste buds are on a par, as we are both pretty damn good at making food taste delicious no matter what!

In your dream restaurant what would the perfect starter, main and dessert be?

For starters something that would be clean, crisp and not too filling …something to tickle my taste buds like a small portion of BBQ’d Crayfish with a Crispy Salad and a Lemon Velouté Foam. ✅

For main…something with duck…Confit of Duck/Marinated Duck Breast with a Rich Jus, Light and Fluffy Mash and Deliciously Seasoned Vegetables.🥦

For the pudding… something really bad and unhealthy like Tiramisu with little chunks of choc 🍫 for texture.

Would you rather have a personal chef or personal bartender for the rest of your life?

Personal chef 👩‍🍳 as i’m not a cocktail girl!