Hi everyone, we’re back again in true Avenue tradition with a birthday interview!! 🎉 🎉

This time it’s our fearless leader herself, Sophie’s birthday but, that’s not all… Surprise, it’s a double birthday! We are also welcoming the arrival of Nalia, Niv and Sophie’s baby girl who was born on 25th November.

The only thing is, she’s a little young to be answering our questions, so this time we will let Sophie take it away and tell us a bit more about herself and the year she has had.

Did you have any really strange food cravings during this pregnancy🤰? 

I craved grapefruit in my first pregnancy but this time nothing unusual just the obligatory sweet tooth that I haven’t knocked since my first pregnancy! 🎂🍫🍭

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year?

I have to say the new addition to our family, Nalia and that my husband delivered her – the midwives and paramedics didn’t make it to our home in time so we had Callum on 999 direct my husband to delivering her! Was pretty mad but now we are all happy and healthy we wouldn’t change it!

What are you looking forward to most in 2023? 

Although it could potentially be quite hectic with 2 kids and no childcare we are planning on getting a refurb on our new house 🏡 and have decided we will work and travel while it is being done ✈️ 🌎. My husband and I met travelling and since COVID feel we have missed out on that quite a bit so we are excited to potentially explore some more of the world but this time with our 2 girls in tow!

What has been your all time favourite dish to cook recently? 

Hmmm, that’s a difficult one. Due to my sweet tooth I have been making a lot of puddings that I would never have made before pregnancy and one I made for the first time was Panna Cotta, which I then developed and got experimental with adding different flavours to the mix so quite enjoyed that.

(Yum! 🍮 Maybe we’ll share the recipe with our extended Avenue family…)

Being in charge at The Avenue must be like having a third child already! – How has it been juggling everything and becoming a super-mum? 

Ha! Super-Mum!? Honestly both the business and home life is co-managed with my husband who I couldn’t do it without. I don’t know how single Mum’s do it and massively take my hat off to them!

(She’s definitely being far too humble, we’re all in awe!)

What are your plans for celebrating your birthday this year? Staying in or heading out? 

Heading to Six by Nico with my family (as in husband, Mum, brother, brothers girlfriend and Nalia in tow – a friend will be looking after Aily) and then we are having friends round for dinner on the weekend🍷

(Good to hear you are up and about so soon!!)

What would your party trick be? 

That’s a difficult one and weirdly one I have recently discussed – I honestly couldn’t think of one but if you’re interested my husbands would be his one handed clap and clapping ear 🤣

(Can’t wait to see that!)

You’ve got one birthday wish, what are you wishing for?

An easy baby and lots of sleep!!!

Will you be encouraging the newest Avenue baby to be a head chef in the making? 👩‍🍳

Absolutely, as soon as my kids are old enough they will be given the option to earn their pocket money by working at the school – you can never be too early to learn how to cook and to earn your spending money I think!

And what food are you most excited to introduce Nalia to?

Everything really, when we started Aily on solids we started her off on bitter foods as it is supposed to ease them in with the least appealing foods and firstly, it was hilarious to watch her eat for the first time, but secondly she eats EVERYTHING now! That could be genetics though 🤷🏼‍♀️

And finally, would you rather never use cutlery again or use cutlery for everything, even chocolate 🍽? 

In the culture we live in I think I’d use cutlery for everything as not only do I hate the feeling of grubby hands but I think Brits are quite judgmental on table manners (my family included) so if I’m having dinner with people and I’m all fists in I may not be the most welcome guest! Saying that, having been in India and eating with my hands there is definitely an art, which I am yet to master!

Thanks Sophie! We hope you have the best birthday and congratulations to you too! 🥳🎊🥂