Although you may not see him, Niv is the main man in the office and we couldn’t do it without him! So, without further ado, in Avenue style we like to put together 10 questions so you can get to know The Avenue family a little bit better on their birthdays, and here is Niv’s….

What’s been your highlight of 2021 so far?
Definitely becoming a father for the first time – it has been a real trip and amazing to have Aily join mine and Sophie’s little duo, making it a trio!
Which class at The Avenue has been your favourite and why?
Such a hard choice… I’m torn between a few including the BaoItalian (Pasta) and Mexican… but I think I have to choose the Fish Class! The menu is un-real and sooo delicious, plus as an additional bonus, I think the knife skills that you gain on this class are really beneficial!

If you could teach a class at The Avenue, which one would you teach? Do you think you’d make a good Head Chef?
I think with my heritage it will have to be the Middle Eastern Class – I believe I’m the only one in the school who can actually pronounce some of the ingredients and dishes correctly. Gotta use that throat!

Have you cooked anything outrageous during lockdown? (Can be taste wise or just bizarre)
I’ve cooked my first Spätzle on a cook-along with Richard (see here), which was probably our first one during lockdown. If you look at the time of the video you can see we started making it at about 3.5 minutes in (after a nice little cocktail) and it was served at 11.5 minutes. I was shocked how quickly you can make a really nice dish from scratch.

What kind of birthday boy are you, party and outgoing or chill at home with wine and a pizza?
Wow that is a really difficult one, I’m much more of a party vibe but I absolutely hate my own birthdays, something about the pressure of other people having a good time just kills it for me! So for my birthday it will be beer (only a few…) and pizza at home, but for anyone else, paaaarty. This year I’m lucky enough to celebrate it with my family in Portugal, due to Covid it has been quite challenging to see family! 

If you had to describe yourself as a dish, what would it be and why?
Maybe a Beef Welly? A bit rounded, quite appealing on the outside and full of flavour on the inside! (We think this is a fantastic representation of you, Niv 🤣)

Which class would you like to take part in next?
I’m very intrigued by our new Peanut Butter Class. Although I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter, I’ve recently tried some mind blowing dishes with peanut butter so I’m curious to see what Rich came up with.

If you could only eat ONE type of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Easy – Thai! Love the flavours and it has all you need. I would choose a good Pad See Ew as the one dish to eat for the rest of my life – sooooo good!

If you could dine with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
Probably the Queen – I keep hearing about “the Queen’s English” and her table manners, would be fun to see it first hand and know what all the fuss is about. I bet she also has some great stories to tell.

You’re deserted on an island and you’re only allowed 3 items, what would they be?
A motorised dingy, pump and puncture repair kit… deserted sounds too gloomy.

If you had to have chicken drumsticks for legs, or celery sticks for arms, which would you pick and why?
I think it must be chicken drumsticks for legs, I don’t think I can be much help with our baby with celery sticks for arms and I would hate to drop it all on Sophie… besides, I think I can be pretty stable moving around on drumsticks!

And there you have it. Our Office King, Niv, in a 10 question nutshell.


Happy Birthday Niv! x