Are you trying to cut down on your animal product intake and adapt a more vegetarian diet? Or perhaps you’re already there and are now thinking of becoming vegan? 🥦

On the 4th July, it’s Independence From Meat Day, and we’re challenging all of our Avenue Amigos to see if they can go just one whole day, without buying/eating any meat products.

Although the transition can be difficult when making a big dietary change, the most important thing is having new and exciting recipes to try in order to make it easier.

That’s why we offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan classes, in order to help you create some of the most delicious dishes you’ll ever cook, without using animal products. And believe us when we say, you won’t miss it!


You can find all of our Veggie Classes here on our website and Vegan Classes here.


A lot of our other classes can be tailored towards a vegetarian diet, so click here to see our online calendar and what other delish classes we have running this summer!

If you are curious to see how we will still be adhering to social distancing and government guidelines, check out our blog post by clicking here – it should answer all your questions and worries.