The Avenue couldn’t open its doors without our selection of wonderful chefs, so to celebrate International Chefs Day, we thought we would share the cheffing love and let you know all the Avenue favourites.

Dianas (Head Chef, Founder and Mum) – Raymond Blanc

Diana thought long and hard about her favourite chef as there are just so many brilliant culinary marvels out there, but after some thought, she decided on Raymond Blanc. Blanc manages to make gourmet and delicious food, without making the recipes over-complicated or flamboyant. Of course, Diana doesn’t believe in following recipes however she makes an exception for  Raymond Blancs as they are just so simple and delicious!!

However, if you are looking for a good Cookbook full of simple and delicious recipes, you should look no further than ours.
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Rich (Head Chef and Son) – Harold Mcgee

Richard obviously has many chef inspirations, however, the one that stands out for him is Harold Mcgee! Mcgee has a brilliant way of explaining the science behind food which Richard seeks inspiration and knowledge from on a daily basis. Once Richard read a 300-page book about eggs, so he likes to know his stuff – that’s for sure!

If you want to be taught by Richard himself you can book onto any of our classes on our website by clicking here. 

Sophie (Managing Director and Daughter) – Richard Horsford

Richard Horsford is Sophies fave chef because he is her go-to when help is needed in the kitchen. Although he is not famous (yet anyway) he is a scientifical genius and I guess it helps that he is her little brother!

Niv (Marketing & Finance Manager and Husband) – Avi Conforti

Niv was tempted to say his wife Sophie was his favourite chef, to ensure she keeps putting food on the dining table, however, on second thoughts he went with Avi Conforti. Conforti is the head chef of Zepra and Topolopompo in Tel Aviv which are both GREAT! Niv has been going to Zepra for years and always loved it..

Lydia (Marketing Assistant and Avenue family 1st reserve!) – Nigella Lawson

Lydia is an avid cook and is absolutely obsessed with ALL foodie TV shows, so this was a pretty difficult question for her. Names like Nadiya Husain, Heston, Nigel Slater and Joe Wicks were all mentioned but she finally landed on Nigella Lawson, the famous Queen of the kitchen, and one day hopefully, England (Lydia added). She is just hilarious, and anyone who can get away with making avocado on toast as a recipe on prime time BBC television deserves a knighthood in Lydia’s opinion!!


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