Our July Amigo of the Month is the lovely Liana! 👏

Having had not one but two birthday parties with us 🎉, Liana is certainly a true Amigo of The Avenue Family and we were delighted to find out a bit more about her! 🙂


Lina, like many of you, discovered us here at The Avenue via the world wide web! 🌎 Once she discovered us it appears there was no stopping Lina as, not only has she had two Birthday Parties with us, she has also done our Macaron Masterclass and the Vegan Ready Steady Bake Class. We are jealous of Liana’s family having such a keen baker in the house! 🧁

We asked Liana, what her favourite thing to eat at The Avenue was and being the Queen of baking that she is, there was only one answer – “The Macarons!”. Me oh my, how we love those sweet bites of deliciousness too 🤤

We also wanted to know if Liana had a favourite go to dish if she’s aiming to impress someone? 💅 Trust me, we are already impressed and we haven’t even tried it – “I love cooking. My go to dish to make is Bread with Zaatar (Thyme – Sesame mixture) and Marble Cake”. 🥖 Wow, how yummy does that sound!? 😍

Liana, it seems you’re are a very capable and adventurous young chef, what is the most obscure thing you have ever made? 🍨🍦 “Avocado Ice Cream” 🥑 that certainly is obscure and can’t help feeling if Liana made it that it was delicious!

Everyone has an all-time favourite comfort food, 🤗 but what is yours and why?🐮 Yoghurt. My grandmother used to feed me yoghurt with every meal when l was a baby.” A staple to every baby’s diet and one that’s not so bad as you get older too.

How about flavours, are there any that you couldn’t live without? “Soy sauce, 🥦 broccoli, 🍝 pasta, paprika, 🫑 pepper.” Yum yum, in our tums – all these we can understand!!

As Liana is a fan of The Avenue, surely there is another class you want to try? 🍦 “Ice Cream” Oh yes, good choice. Although, we are sure you could teach us a thing of two given your experience with Avocado Ice Cream! 😂

It has been a pleasure to have you as our Amigo of the Month Liana, do you have any final comments to make? “Thanks for featuring me! I love The Avenue Cookery School, everyone there is so nice!” 😍 Awww, thank you Liana – we think you’re pretty nice too and we can’t wait to see you back for some ice cream fun soon!

If you want to join The Avenue Family by becoming a future Amigo of the Month, email us at info@theavenuecookeryschool.com