Introducing our newest and quite frankly our cutest 🥰 Amigos of the month Logan, Liam and their mum, Emily!

We are delighted to welcome this tremendous family to our Avenue family, so without further ado, here are a few questions that we love to know about our Amigos and are sure you will too!


After letting us know that they found us in one of the most unique ways possible….Google 🤣, we asked the most important question – which classes have you done at The Avenue and which was your favourite? Emily let us know that they had “just moved to London actually. The Ice Cream Class was the first cooking class we’ve done at the Avenue Cookery. Logan and I are signed up for the 🍩 Doughnut Workshop later in the summer, which sounds fantastic.” The boys clearly have a sweet tooth and we are sure that Logan is going to LOVE the All You Can Eat Doughnut Workshop, lucky boy 😋

We naturally wanted to know what their favourite dish to eat at The Avenue was?  “And of course Emily said the ice cream sundae at the end was the best part. No surprise there :)”  😍 No surprise indeed and we couldn’t agree more. 😂

With the boys being so young we were keen to discover if Emily and her sons enjoy cooking? 👩‍🍳 “We love to cook. Making real food for my family everyday is really important and the kids have definitely picked up on that. They love helping in the kitchen. We also do “baking Wednesdays”, where they choose a recipe for us to make together, while the youngest brother (1 yrs old) is napping.”  🙌 We are certainly hoping for an invite to baking Wednesdays sometime soon – from our kitchen to yours! 😉🤞🏼

This next question was for Emily, What is your go-to dish if you want to impress someone? “Hard to say! 🤔 It depends on the season really. In summer ☀️I’ve been doing lots of 🥗 salads with 🍑peaches and different meats on the 🍗BBQ. I have a big collection of cookbooks so always trying to find inspiration and try new things.” To our delight Logan and Liam had an answer to this one too “homemade 🍕Pizza is their go-to for impressing friends!’ With all that home cooking we shouldn’t have doubted that the boys love to host a pizza feast for their friends!

So, What is the most obscure thing you have made in the kitchen? “A few Christmas’ ago I made a  Beef Wellington completely from scratch (including the pastry). Not a very obscure dish, but it was quite the undertaking. Especially since I’d never actually eaten Beef Wellington before, but it turned out delicious. Logan and Liam say the Spinach Pancakes we make are a little strange since it makes them green.” Oh, that sounds delicious! You should come to our Beef Wellington Class Emily and see how ours compares 😋

We love knowing why people fall in love with food so we want to know, what is your all-time favourite comfort food and why does it hold a special place in your heart? “🥧 Chicken Pot Pie, which i’m not sure you have in the UK. My Mom used to make it from scratch for special occasions and I remember loving it as a kid.” – hmmm that sounds delicious too… You just can’t beat a Mumma’s cooking, as I am sure your boys know!! 🥰

Probably another one for Mum, but are there any flavours/ ingredients that you simply could not live without in your kitchen? “I love Asian flavours and the kids favourite food is sushi so we make that quite often.” That’s it, we definitely have to go to their house for dinner. 👌

What class would you like to do with us in the future? “Sushi definitely” 🍱 Great plan, our Sushi Workshop makes for a great family event, Logan and Liam will love it. ❤️

And for our grand finale, do you have any final comments? “We so enjoyed the Ice Cream Class and can’t wait to do more classes. I’m actually really hoping to do the 1 or 2 Week Course at some point. Sounds amazing.” Well, we will certainly be looking forward to seeing the three of you in more of our classes – definitely three worthy amigos, thank you!! ☺️ Ax

If you want to join The Avenue Family by becoming a future Amigo of the Month, email us at