Join us in welcoming our March 2023 Amigo of The Month, Bartley.
Bartley was introduced to us through a friend who had taken our Chalet Hosting Course and he decided to join in the fun as well, using the Course and some time on The Avenue team to jumpstart his career hosting families in the Alps!

Having completed this Course, Bartley has returned for a variety of different Classes ever since 2017 but his favourite was “by far the vegan cookery skills class. I now work as a chef and Rich’s portfolio of vegan deserts are still and by far the best I’ve encountered. It’s a true masterclass and I regularly use his Vegan Chocolate Torte recipe on my dietary menus. ” It’s truly a work of delicious art and great for even those non-vegans! #VeganPuds 😋

When we asked what his favourite dish was he found it hard to narrow down as “Everything at the Avenue is delicious, however, Diana’s hollandaise is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the delicious food I have eaten there”. We’ve got to agree, it is spot on – the perfect balance of buttery goodness and vinegary sharpness making it the perfect addition to a juicy steak 🥩

And what is the most obscure thing he’s made in the kitchen? He told us, “Hahahaha I was at my local Chinese supermarket a while ago and found a pigs uterus in the freezer – curiosity got the better of me. Found it much like most offal, an odd texture and a slightly too meaty taste.” Wow, that is a brave choice, we applaud the experimentation!

In the future, he would “love to take a mixology course through The Avenue – mostly because I’d like to see Rich’s passion for food conveyed through the medium of alcohol”. We can tell you the passion is definitely there, the proof’s in all our Sushi & Cocktail and Dim Sum & Cocktail Classes 🍸 🍹

We asked Bartley for any final comments and he said ‘Since leaving The Avenue I’ve received further and more formal training in this country and abroad, and The Avenue is by far the most fun I’ve had for the best value. This aside, as a chef it really is an honour watching Richard explain the minute details of what he’s demonstrating. He’s an artist with an extraordinary level of empathy for his craft. ”

Thanks Bartley, for being our March 2023 Amigo of The Month, we loved hearing all about your experience 😄

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