Meet Toby, our March’s 2024 Amigo of the Month! Discover his inspiring journey from enrolling in one of our courses at the age of 14 to securing an internship opportunity with us this summer at The Avenue Cookery School. Dive into Toby’s story here!

How did you hear about The Avenue?

“My mum originally found it online and suggested that I did it, and I did, and it was incredibly fun (no wonder I came back!)” She’s a wise woman is your Mum 😉

How long have you been joining classes?

“I did my first course in October 2022, so it has been a year and a few months”

Which classes have you done?

“I did the first week Really Useful Course in October 2022, I have also done the Sushi Workshop and I did the Bread Class 🍞, and then I came back in October 2023 to do the week long Intermediate Cookery CourseClearly mastering all corners of the kitchen!

What was your favourite class at The Avenue?

“My favourite course was the Intermediate Cookery Course as we learnt so much, and we also were given a lot of freedom of what we wanted to make” Indeed, our Intermediate Cookery Course is like a foodie’s playground!

What’s your favourite dish to cook that you learnt with us?

“I always use the Victoria Sponge recipe, as I love baking, it is really simple, and I always adapt it by adding different flavours, and it’s always so perfect!” Sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason 👌🏼

What was your favourite dish to eat at The Avenue?

“I loved the sushi that we made in the Sushi Workshop, and it was made even better by the thought that I made it!” There really is just something incredibly satisfying about rolling up your own sushi from scratch 🍣

What is the most obscure thing you have made in the kitchen?

“During my second week, we made Bao Buns, and we decided to make some of them sweet, so we put some leftover Strawberry Cheesecake that we had, and it was very bizarre, but it tasted incredible” Talk about thinking outside the bun! 

What class would you like to do in the future?

“In the future, I would love to do a Thai Cooking Class, as I love Thai food, and I think it would be incredibly interesting to learn how to make it, I would also love to do the Vegan Cooking Class, as I would love to learn to cook more vegan food” We love that you are open to all areas – a sign of a great chef…

Any final comments? 

“I am hoping to join the avenue for a short internship over the summer, and hopefully continue participating in more courses in the future! Thank you again to everyone at The Avenue!” We can’t wait to have you back and watch you develop even more in the kitchen!!👨‍🍳

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