March’s Amigo of The Month

March’s Amigo of The Month

Agnes started her Avenue journey in November 2021, and has since taken part in a lot of our classes! 👩‍🍳

Which classes has Agnes done so far? “So far I have attended Thai, Mexican Street Food, Sri Lankan and Gnocchi Workshop. I am booked for so many more though, including Fish, Bread, Dinner Party Dining, Middle Eastern and Useful Sauces! So a lot more learning, new skills, fun and delicious food yet to come!!” – we think Agnes will be a chef at the school before long with all of these incredible skills under her belt!

We asked which of the dishes Agnes has enjoyed making the most. “The Mexican has probably been my favourite class so far, because I absolutely loved the Fish Tacos! But that’s closely followed by the Thai Red Prawn Curry which I have done at home several times since the class. I generally enjoy all the classes and learning how to use and cook with the spices. The recipes are super easy to take home and tailor to what’s in the cupboard. I want to try and convert the Sri Lankan Cashew Curry into a Chickpea Curry, that’s my next home experiment!”

When asked if anything crazy was cooked or experimented with in lockdown, Agnes said, “Nothing crazy as such but I started to work on my baking skills as cakes and biscuits never have been a strong skill of mine. After much practice and some pretty poor attempts, I now nail the Pain Viennois with dark chocolate chips!” – well they do say that practice makes perfect and clearly it’s worked perfectly in this case! 🤌

We asked Agnes, which class would you like to do in the future and she said, “One class I have not booked so far but really want to do is the Sous Vide. I think it will revolutionise how I cook meat!” – we have to agree, the Sous Vide Class is a total meat game changer!!

And for any last words, Agnes said, “Just a big thank you! Love the classes and the staff. Always have such a great time at The Avenue!!” ❤️

And there you have it. Thanks Agnes, for being such a loyal Amigo and we look forward to seeing you ver soon.

* If we made you feel a part of The Avenue family and you would like to be an Amigo of The Month please respond to the mailer or email us directly on



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