May’s Amigo Of The Month

May’s Amigo Of The Month

Our Avenue Amigo this month is the wonderful Martha Messer-Bennetts, and let us tell you why…

Martha Messer-Bennetts

Martha was on our 2-Week Chalet Cookery Course in April this year, and since then became like a member of the family and a loyal Avenue Amigo!

During her time with us, Martha learnt to cook a new favourite dish, Smoked Haddock Kedgeree. Definitely a winner in our eyes (and tummy) 😋

Throughout the many months of lockdown, Martha spent some time experimenting in the kitchen, including making Quinoa Sushi. She said, “Next time, I need to find a way to make the quinoa stickier, like sushi rice, but it was absolutely delicious!”.

When asked what advice she would give to someone thinking about joining one of our classes/courses, Martha said, “Don’t be nervous, just go for it! Try to have as much self confidence as you can.”

Since finishing the 2-Week Chalet Host Course, Martha is now an official Avenue Cookery School Intern, cooking up some delicious dishes in our kitchen with the goal of one day opening her own little café/deli, and we wish her all the luck in the world!

She said she still can’t wait to take part in our Mexican Street Food Class or the One Week Vegan Course.

Thanks again Martha for always being such a loyal Amigo!

Instagram: @marf.mmb

* If we made you feel a part of The Avenue family and you would like to be an Amigo of The Month please respond to the mailer or email us directly on


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