November’s Amigo of The Month

November’s Amigo of The Month

Douglas Campbell

Douglas first joined us way back in February 2020 for the Really Useful Course, before the whole Covid malarky hit. And then after some delay and much cooking during lockdown, once restrictions were lifted he returned, whisks ablazing, in November this year for our Intermediate Course.

A loyal Amigo to say the least, as Douglas lives incredibly far away, up in the very North of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, so we were more than excited to welcome him back! Douglas said, “I was due to attend the Intermediate week in June 2020, but Covid got in the way. I then booked for January 2021 and again Covid got in the way so I have only just got round to attending! It’s difficult to say which element I’ve enjoyed the most, as the first course was a fantastic grounding in cooking and the Intermediate Course just lifted my skills and knowledge to a higher level with some wow food.” 🤩

We asked Douglas what his favourite thing to cook is, and he said, “My favourite thing to cook in general is Lasagne, which I have been making for over 35 years. It’s probably one of the favourite comfort dishes for my family especially on day 2 when the flavours have all infused, if there is any left after day 1. I would actually like to come back to The Avenue and do the Italian Class at some point so my Lasagne could be made with fresh pasta.” We couldn’t agree more, Douglas! Fresh pasta just makes a dish that much better!

When asked what his favourite Avenue dish was that he learnt, Douglas said, “There are so many superb dishes that I created at The Avenue, it’s hard to pick and choose a favourite! In the Intermediate course I really enjoyed the Roast Duck Stir Fry as all the flavours had time to combine before reheating for a very satisfying dish to have produced, and even more so eaten. In the Really Useful Course I was really taken with the Katsu Curry which we made from scratch. I once had it in a restaurant in Edinburgh and thought I would never order that again. However having made it with Diana I realised it can be a great curry sauce when done her way.” 🔥 The feedback really can’t get much better than that!!

We asked Douglas if he had any final words of encouragement to those thinking about joining one of our courses, and he said “The Avenue Cookery School is simply a pleasure to attend and learn from with the courses full of excellent and enthusiastic teachers who just simply enjoy what they do.” 💚

Thank you Douglas, for being such an amazingly loyal Avenue Amigo, and we hope to welcome you to our school again very soon!!

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