Ben Robinson

Ben recently completed our Chalet Host Cooking Course, in preparation for doing a ski season this winter. Ben said, “This was my first experience of a class at The Avenue, and it was an amazing experience in which I learned so much and met some really cool people wanting to do a similar thing to myself.”

We asked Ben what his favourite thing to cook was, and he said, “I think usually my favourite thing to cook would be a pasta dish, as it’s usually quite quick and easy but you can do so much and create so many different tasty variations using different ingredients.” We couldn’t agree more, Ben! Pasta is life 🍝

When asked about his favourite dish at The Avenue, Ben said, “It’s hard to narrow down my favourite dish that we cooked at the school, but if someone was twisting my arm I’d have to say the Thai Green Curry. I really enjoyed making my own curry paste from scratch, it felt far more rewarding! A close second would be the (rather boozy) Rum and Coffee Liqueur French Toast I experimented with Rich – I can confirm it was incredible.” Safe to say that sounds absolutely divine!! We should start all of our mornings with a serving of that!!

Lockdown sent us all a little mad, so we asked Ben if he’d experimented with any crazy recipes and he said, “I didn’t go particularly crazy in the kitchen over lockdown, as I was trying to study for my A-Levels at the same time, which left me with little time to experiment, however I did enjoy cooking various dishes with my Dad (who is one of the best cooks I know) and doing BBQ’s whenever the weather allowed it.”

We asked Ben which of our classes he’d like to join in with, and he said, “I definitely plan on coming back to the Avenue to do either the Bao Class or the Sushi & Cocktails Class – seeing the prep for that makes coming back to do it a very tempting prospect!

And finally, we asked Ben for some pearls of wisdom, for anyone thinking of taking part on one of our courses, and he said “All I can say to anyone thinking of enrolling on the course, would be to push yourself out of your comfort zone and just have a go at cooking something you’d never have thought of cooking. That’s what I did and I loved every minute!”

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Thank you Ben for being such a loyal Avenue Amigo, and best of luck in the future! We hope to welcome you again soon 💚