We are not only a food waste free cookery school, we also do our best to minimise our plastic use. This month is #PlasticFreeJuly, and we thought we’d give you all some tips and tricks on how to be more eco friendly in your daily life!


Bring your own bag when going shopping –  rather than using plastic ones from the supermarket, why not bring your own reusable bag? You can buy an Avenue hessian bag for life by clicking here.

Carry a reusable water bottle – single use water bottles are by far one of the biggest problems, so why not buy a metal or glass reusable one?

Pick loose, fresh fruit & veg – rather than buying fruit and veg wrapped in plastic, pop down to your local greengrocer or supermarket, and buy plastic free instead.

Use Tupperwares to pack a lunch – instead of relying on a meal deal or buying lunch, try preparing your lunch the night before and use a Tupperware to bring it to work.

Say no to disposable straws and cutlery – whether this be a takeaway or eating in a restaurant, make sure you say NO to plastic straws and cutlery if offered – think about bringing your own reusable straw if you really need one. You can get foldaway, portable straws and cutlery from numerous places now, just have a little search on the internet.

Use refillable shampoo/shower products – we all go through these types of products quite quickly when showering every day, so why not try and use refillable bottles to lessen the single use plastics?

Use glass jars for loose grains and rice – this one is slightly trickier, but if you can, try to refill glass jars with rice and grains, rather than relying on plastic wrapped bags from supermarkets.


We hope these have been helpful as a first step to a plastic free life! If you have any useful tips, please feel free to get in touch with us via our social media platforms. 💚