Although relatively new to The Avenue, Gina has already attended a number of classes at the school. When we asked her reason for joining, she said ‘I started taking classes after realising my food delivery habit was getting out of hand and I needed some home cooking motivation.’

When asked which classes she’d done so far, Gina said  ‘I started out with the Knife Skills Class (really helpful to have started with this one), then took Useful Sauces, Bao Class, Spanish Tapas and Sushi Workshop. I’m looking forward to the Korean Cooking Class I have booked this month!’ We can’t wait to welcome Gina back to the school! 😁

We also asked Gina which class she enjoyed most at The Avenue, ‘I LOVED the Bao Class. I went by myself to this class and had the best time meeting new people and friends and eating some tasty food.’

We then asked her what her favourite thing to cook is and she said ‘My go-to when I have friends over for a dinner party is taco night. Making guacamole is so fun and it reminds me of the amazing Mexican food I ate when I lived in California.’ 🌮

When asked what her favourite dish at The Avenue was, she told us ‘After the Knife Skills Class I’ve been obsessed with making Ratatouille and have made it at least once a week. I’ll have to try making Bao Buns again soon since I just bought a bamboo steamer.’

We asked Gina what the craziest thing she cooked in lockdown was and she said ‘I tried to make a giant heart shaped chocolate chip cookie and it turned into a blob. Tasty blob nonetheless! My baking skills need some work.’ 🍪 We can help there!

We asked Gina what class she’d like to do in the future and she told us ‘Based on some of my baking fails I think I should try the Macaron Class. I’ve also been eyeing up the Sri Lankan Class, since I visited Sri Lanka and fell in love with the cuisine.’

Finally, we asked Gina if she had any final comments for us – ‘It’s never too late to try something new! I have been so impressed at the range of skillsets for individuals coming into the cooking classes; from experienced to beginners. It made me realise that there’s always something to learn when it comes to cooking. I never realised how science based it all is; and Rich and dan do a fantastic job of explaining the chemistry behind the magic.’

And there you have it. Thank you, Gina, for being such a loyal Amigo and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

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