Happy New Year everyone – it’s 2000 and 18 can you believe it?! 😄

We’ve missed ya! Did you all have an ab fab Christmas? We’d love to hear what you’ve all been up to!

We know the first week back to work is never easy, especially after completely and utterly over-indulging for the past week… but it’s 2018 baby and it’s strictly positive vibes only! We’ve got a mega year ahead of us and can’t wait to get started. We’ve introduced plenty of new classes to tickle ya tastebuds and of course, we’ve moved to The City! Don’t forget… it’s January, and that means 15% off ALL our January Classes! 

Anyway, before we start, have you guys checked out this weeks recipe post? 😋  We decided to ease that post-Christmas guilt by sharing one of our favourite Smoothie Recipes. Strawberry, Mango and Banana… If you haven’t yet had a blitz at this one, you should! We’ve included an extra fruity breakdown to help you guys know what you’re putting into your belly! You’d be surprised what a cuppa juice can do… 😉 

January Detox Smoothie Recipe on the blog now

Monday was of course New Years Day, so the team immersed themselves in the last day of holiday life. Awwww. It’s sad to think yet another Christmas has flown by but we’ve got a pretty great year ahead! 2018 is our year guys!!!! The Horsford clag caused havoc over the Christmas holidays once again. The dream team were road trippin’ this time. Sophie led everyone to Brussels to kickstart their festive voyage. From Brussels to Germany and Germany to Amsterdam, they rounded off a delightful getaway on New Year’s Eve exploring the beautiful city of The Dam! Although, Diana snuck off just before to enjoy a wonderful little skiing retreat! Can’t blame her!

Back to the grind – Tuesday. Although everyone was feeling a little sluggish it didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things! Plus, there was no time to dawdle, this month is a manic one and us lot have plenty to do! Soph whipped up a quick detox inspired lunch with some scrumptious butternut squash and lentils to keep us going. In fact, we are all in dire need of some nutrients at the moment so this really helped. Happy bellies! Tuesday was a quiet one and we all seemed to get our heads down. We posted our gorgeous Smoothie recipe and headed home to get an early night ready for the rest of the week ahead. We began our January Classes this week so there was lots to prep!

Wednesday came around quickly and the team had a meeting to discuss some exciting ideas for the year. We’ve got incredible things planned this year and after our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown being such a success, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We may have announced an exciting competition…👀 British weather had still managed to take over the office and I think Soph was the only one to get the memo about bringing her cosy slippers in.

Thursday arrived and Christmas already began to feel like months ago with our first January Detox class! Got our Salmon Steaks at the ready and cooked up a stormmmmyummyummmy!!!
We were keen for our Detox classes to start for months now and couldn’t contain our excitement for the cure to the Christmas belly! Rich and Jason were back and better than ever – name a better duo…. we’ll wait. Oh, and of course Rich’s return wasn’t a quiet one . Poor Santa… the kitchen turned into a crime scene – Rich clearly didn’t eat enough over the hols so he cut into Santa’s belly, nom nom nom!

It was 7 pm already and the Avenue doors began to swing open for our keen chefs ready to learn some new recipes to fight off those extra Christmas pounds! Happy faces filled the kitchen and Rich put on a brilliant demo to kick-start the class. Salmon Steaks in Chraimeh Sauce with Vegetable Pear Barley…mmmmmm. Everyone began to muck in and it reminded us all of what we had been missing over the holidays. Although food is, of course, such a huge aspect of our classes, the social side of things is something we really pride ourselves on! Who likes a grumpy chef anyway? Speaking of social, Diana we miss you, come back!!!

The night drew to a close and it was time to move on to the second course – pudding – just because it’s January detox doesn’t mean no pudding 😋 We know the tricks of the trade to Delicious Chia Seed Puddings!

Don’t mind if I do…

The night was a success. Well done team! First January Detox Class… 2 more to go! The night rounded off at about 10 pm and lots of stuffed bellies began to leave the kitchen and head home.

Well well well it’s Friday! What a quick week. I’d just like to give everyone a round of applause for getting through their first week back on the grind after Christmas. Shout out to us! Today seems like the calm before the storm… We’ve got a big week ahead next week with a bunch of exciting classes but today we are all working from home as New England Seafood have taken over our kitchens for the day.

If you want to join us next week, we have a couple of spots left on our Knife Skills Class and don’t forget our Kids Clubs and even more Detox classes! With such a busy week ahead, this weekend we are going to be chillaxing and mentally preparing ourselves for the busy year ahead…

Don’t forget our monthly competition I mentioned earlier – this one is all about having a good eye…👀 If you think you’re a great photographer and have some lovely food pics you’re proud of, then show us! To enter the competition we are looking for the BEST foodie pic! You know us, we pride ourselves on showcasing some of the most amazing food photography, (thanks to our lovely photographers). You’ve got a lot of competition so if you’d like to enter and win a £15 Avenue Gift Voucher then all you have to is send us your pictures! Either comment on the Facebook post, tag us on Instagram/Twitter or email us.

We look forward to seeing them all…

Have a relaxing weekend and see you next week.

The Avenue x