Our Head Chef Richard, in traditional Avenue style, has answered 10 questions so you can get to know him a bit more… so let’s delve into the wonderful world of Rich…

Tell us, what are the plans for your birthday this year?
I am going to Wilderness Festival for the weekend of, which I am HYPED about 😉 and then out for dinner and maybe some VR on the day!

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Hmm… That’s really hard because it depends on what you mean by food… are we talking one item or one dish? It’ll take some real thinking about BUT I would say I’d choose Mexican, if I could only eat dishes from one of our classes forever… or I’d pick a single dish that had the most food in it, like meze😋

Tell us about one of your latest crazy concoctions in the kitchen?
I made Bourbon and Lemon Tart with leftover Limoncello Sherbet!!

What is your favourite/ultimate breakfast?
Hmm… favourite breakfast… I’d say any kind of eggs cooked in weird and wonderful ways! Eggs just make for a great breakfast… like in our Brunch Class… they’re unbeatable 🍳

What is one food or dish that you really can’t stand the taste of and why?
Tinned Tuna 🤮 sorry to those who enjoy it… but it’s cat food. Not for me, at all.

Summer holidays, are you jetting off anywhere nice or is it all work work work for you?
Well, although i’m working a fair bit over the summer, I’m also taking time off to drive to Scotland in my van (my little home on wheels) which will be absolutely amazing. Lots of hiking and just taking in the scenery!

What’s your favourite restaurant?
Topolopompo in Tel Aviv. They just do the BEST food there – check it out if you’re ever there!! 🤤

Would you rather have everything taste super sweet or super sour for the rest of your life?
Gah, that’s so hard. See, I love sugar so my natural reaction would be to say sweet… but I would have to go with sour, because I’m trying to stay away from sugar!! (You’re sweet enough as it is, Rich 😘)

What’s your favourite cocktail?
Simple. A Rum Old Fashioned. A delicious twist on a traditional cocktail.

If you gave up cooking, which profession would you want to go into and why?
I’d go back into the building trade, I really enjoyed being hands on and practical! (A man of many talents hey, Rich!)


Thanks Rich! Have the best birthday 🎊🎈🎁🎂