The Avenue Timeline


To celebrate the end of a pretty, bizarre and less than average year, we have had a trip down memory lane to reminisce on the fun times and have gone through The Avenue history books. It is hard to believe that The Avenue started over 16 years ago and since then we have gone from running 1 & 2 week courses in a converted garage in Putney to owning a full-blown, beautiful professional kitchen in Wandsworth and running a huge variety of 85+ classes and courses!
It is fair to say we have expanded in pretty much every way possible. As a guesstimate we think we have welcomed over 35,000 people into The Avenue kitchens since 2004 and we find that pretty amazing.

Since 2004 we have had 4 locations, 3 Horsford’s with a vision, 3 head chefs and most recently 1 global pandemic! It is fair to say that things haven’t always been simple and 2020 especially, has been the craziest year yet, that’s for sure. But, this year has made us appreciate our love of good food and wine more than ever … as honestly without those two things we don’t think we could have got through it🍷🍲!

On a more serious note, whether you have been here since day 1 or you only discovered us last week; every single one of you has had a huge impact on The Avenue Cookery School, and on us as a family. We honestly can’t say thank you enough for joining us on the adventure and hope you will continue to join us going forward!

Here’s to the next 16 years of delicious food, bottomless booze and good times!

The Avenue Family x

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