Getting to grips with all the different aspects of keeping a clean and tidy kitchen is easy when you know how, from sterilising jars in microwave ovens for neat food storage to cleaning the inside of appliances. Read on to discover our top tips for how to keep your kitchen clean and organised with ease.

Top 3 tips to keep your kitchen organised

Here are 3 ways you can keep your kitchen organised:

  1. Be a minimalist. Most of us have heard of Marie Kondo and the idea of minimalizing our home to lead a more organised, calmer life. This goes for the kitchen too! Do you really need 30 mugs, 4 of the same baking dishes and a mismatched cutlery drawer with over 100 pieces inside? Sort through and get rid of any excess items you don’t need by recycling, upcycling or donating to charity.
  2. Make the use of “dead” space. This could include hanging hooks from cupboard doors to create a homemade spice rack or hang saucepan lids; fitting rails for tea towels; or even adding additional shelves for stacking your food tins. Simply put, make sure you make the most of all the empty space on walls and in cupboards.
  3. Store food properly. Make sure you invest in stackable containers for your fridge, as well as making the most of wall space by adding additional shelves. If you’re worried about being able to reach, purchase a small footstool, just always be careful when using it and don’t store heavy items like tins on the top shelves in case anything falls. Using jars is a stylish way to store food, and it’s simple to do it hygienically by sterilising jars in microwave ovens first.

Top 4 tips to keep your kitchen clean

Here are 4 ways you can keep your kitchen spick and span:

  1. Keep on top of it! Regular cleaning will make sure that you have less to do in the long run. Cleaning down the sides after food prep and washing up or stacking the dishwasher after each meal will ensure you keep on top of your cleaning.
  2. Have all the right products and materials at the ready. This includes keeping all of your products well organised and ensuring you have essentials such as white vinegar and baking soda to hand for DIY cleaners
  3. Keep an eye on use by dates. Keeping your kitchen clean and odour free is easy as long as you minimise food waste. Create a meal plan, shop to a list created from your plan, and use fruit, veg and other food before it goes off. You can keep a small compost bin for any peels and other organic kitchen waste.
  4. Don’t forget to clean the interiors of your appliances. It can be easy to remember to wipe down your sides and clean out your sink, but what about your oven, microwave and fridge? To keep them working their best make sure you clean them at least once every 4-6 weeks.


Now you have a simple guide to keeping your kitchen clean and organised. You can now begin to get on top of your home and keep it looking fresh!