Christmas Party 2020


It's getting closer to that festive time of year and what makes you more warm and fuzzy inside than a great party for a great cause? If you have joined us over the years then you will know this is one you don't want to miss out on! Free food AND free booze - need [...]

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Chai Porridge


There is nothing better than a rich hearty breakfast and on a cold autumnal day we like to spruce up some porridge with a variety of goodies. Today is #WorldPorridgeDay and we are going to share one of our favourite porridge recipes.

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Leftovers Salad Recipe


#ZeroWasteWeek is a week we at The Avenue practise all year round. We stand for no food and general kitchen waste, and we teach little tips and tricks on how to avoid this on all our of classes. Here is a recipe to help you use up those things getting passed their use by date:

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Beer Battered Fish


We are celebrating #InternationalBeerDay with our Beer Battered Fish sided with some Tripple Cooked Chips. Check out our Fish recipe here for some good ol' British Crispy fish!

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It's English summertime, a time of Wimbledon, Pimm's, Scones and generally everything Quintessentially British, so we thought it an apt time for a cheeky Scone recipe, so here it is:

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Whisky Sour


It's smokey, sweet and sour all at the same time - it's everything a cocktail can dream of being - it's #WorldWhiskyDay and we are whipping out the whisky sours 🍹 like there's no tomorrow! Go on whisk out the whiskey and give it a go!

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Creamy Coffee Ice Cream


For those coffee and ice cream addicts out there we are celebrating #UKCoffeeWeek with a Creamy Coffee Ice Cream. Add more coffee if you like a kick!

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It was #PancakeDay 🥞 a few of weeks ago but as we have already shared a couple of pancake recipes on our blog in the past (just have a browse) we thought this month we would recipe share in celebration of #InternationalWaffleDay!

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