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Chai Porridge


There is nothing better than a rich hearty breakfast and on a cold autumnal day we like to spruce up some porridge with a variety of goodies. Today is #WorldPorridgeDay and we are going to share one of our favourite porridge recipes.

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Leftovers Salad Recipe


#ZeroWasteWeek is a week we at The Avenue practise all year round. We stand for no food and general kitchen waste, and we teach little tips and tricks on how to avoid this on all our of classes. Here is a recipe to help you use up those things getting passed their use by date:

Leftovers Salad Recipe 2019-08-21T12:54:28+00:00

Beer Battered Fish


We are celebrating #InternationalBeerDay with our Beer Battered Fish sided with some Tripple Cooked Chips. Check out our Fish recipe here for some good ol' British Crispy fish!

Beer Battered Fish 2019-07-26T11:09:46+00:00



It's English summertime, a time of Wimbledon, Pimm's, Scones and generally everything Quintessentially British, so we thought it an apt time for a cheeky Scone recipe, so here it is:

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Punchy Prawns Pil Pil


This Prawns Pil Pil recipe is a great summer treat and is fresh out of our Spanish Tapas Class. It will give you that punch of delish flavour you are looking for in the sunshine with a glass of vino!

Punchy Prawns Pil Pil 2019-07-18T11:27:22+00:00

Tasty Tiramisu Recipe!


We are feeling super pumped for the week ahead and can't wait to share this delicious Italian Tiramisu Recipe to get those #SummerVibes flowing. If you aren't jetting abroad this year, then never fear! We've got a stonking list of punchy International Classes to get you livin' the summer dream from the comfort of our cosy kitchen. Just minus the flight and price tag...

Tasty Tiramisu Recipe! 2018-05-01T15:10:23+00:00

Mouth-Watering International Macaron Day Recipe!


Happy Macron Monday folks! 😋 Today we are celebrating a wonderful day...International Macaron Day baby! With all the delicious vibes (and sugar) running through our veins, we've set ourselves up for a fantastic week. Tomorrow is Diana's birthday and the whole Horsford clang are heading off to Sexy Fish for a delightful evening of fishy-fanatics, and [...]

Mouth-Watering International Macaron Day Recipe! 2018-04-23T11:39:46+00:00

National Garlic Day – Tasty Garlic Bread Recipe!


Heya, everyone! How are we all? As always, we've got lots to fill you in on...As you are probably already aware, we've been crazy busy this month and have swiftly sailed our way through the week with the help of our trusty Yacht Hosting Course students. Ahoy!

National Garlic Day – Tasty Garlic Bread Recipe! 2018-04-18T14:02:35+00:00

Flavoursome Falafel Recipe!


With Easter celebrations finally starting to calm down we are getting geared up for our delicious array of classes in The City! From Vegan to Macaron to a full-blown Pasta extravaganza's, we are touching all foodie bases. We are super excited to host our first Vegan City class and we thought what better way to get everyone just as excited as we are than by sharing this delicious Falafel recipe. 

Flavoursome Falafel Recipe! 2019-12-02T13:49:56+00:00