• Intermediate Cookery Course, 1 week – £1,145

    For those who already know their way around the kitchen, this 1-week Intermediate Cookery Course will give participants the skills to cook at a higher level. If you are looking to cook for friends and families, dinner parties, working in a chalet/villa/yacht/private households add the (Host) Intermediate Course for those added extras – see course description for more details.

    5 Days – see below for times and drop-down menu for dates
    Variety of dishes – see menu on page 13-18 here

  • Intermediate Cooking Days – £250

    Our Intermediate Cooking Days are perfect if you have already mastered the basics and are looking to improve your skillset and increase your recipe repertoire but don’t have a full week to give to our week-long Intermediate Course.

    8 Hours (9am – 5pm) – see drop-down menu for dates
    Variety of dishes – see the week-long menu from page 14 here
    If you are looking to book multiple classes click here.



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