For the Chai
300ml almond milk
1/4 tsp fennel seeds, lightly bashed
1/4 tsp coriander seeds, lightly bashed
1/4 tsp peppercorns
4 cloves
1 star anise
4 cardamon pods, lightly bashed
3 slices of fresh ginger
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla essence
good squirt of agave

100g Scottish oats
1 banana, sliced
flaked coconut, toasted until golden


In a saucepan add the chai ingredients and bring slowly to boil. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse for 20 mins.

Filter the milk and, with the oats, put back into the saucepan. On a medium heat, cook until the milk has been fully absorbed by the oats, but not too dry.

Pour into a bowl and top with the coconut, banana. If you have a sweet tooth you can add a dribble of maple/honey.