Well hello you lovely lot! Once again we’re back with another scrumptious Avenue Recipe! Now we might be totally biased, but our Avenue Family seriously believe that these are the best, most gooey chocolate chip cookies ever! Whether it’s the start of the week and you’re in need of a chocolate covered pick me up, or it’s the weekend and you’re ready to indulge and TREAT YOSELF, we highly recommend giving these cracking cookies a go!

And speaking of crackin’, we are delighted to whiz our fave Eggs into these dreamy cookies. Clarence Court, why thank you! Anyway…enough talking, more cookin’.



Without further ado, we present…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!


170g salted butter
100g sugar
150g soft brown sugar
1 cap vanilla extract
2 Clarence court eggs
250g flour
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
170g chocolate chunks


Preheat oven to 170C

Combine flour and bicarb and set aside

Cream the butter, sugar and brown sugar together

Beat the eggs and and vanilla together until creamy

Fold in the flour until just blended and then add the chocolate chunks

Spoon a large tablespoon onto a prepared baking tin, leaving room for the cookies to spread – do not flatten

Bake in your preheated oven for 15 minutes or until golden (we like ours nice and gooey in the middle)

Allow to cool slightly before leaving to cool on a wire rack (that is if you can resit eating them long enough for them to cool down… I know I can’t…)


Eggin’ hell… isn’t that recipe just a dream?


When you’ve got some eggcellent cookie pics, don’t forget to share and tag us on the gram!

Bye for now!

‘Eggtra’ Special Avenue Hugs and Kisses xx