So it is week 8 in quarantine, and we are all getting very used to our home comforts now, am-i-right?

Remember a few months ago, when a cosy breakfast at home seemed super appealing? Well, we want to bring back the excitement of a cosy breakfast in. So say goodbye to get another bowl of porridge and say hello to a breakfast that could only taste better if a literal Mary Poppins spoon-fed it to you herself!

Since staying in is the new going out we thought we might as well start with a bouji, yet simple and most importantly, delicious breakfast! What could possibly taste better than fresh toast, with homemade butter and jam?! Absolutely nothing that’s what.

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Homemade Butter


300ml double cream
Maldon salt


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Soda Bread


450g malted brown granary flour
2tsp salt
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
142ml buttermilk/ natural yoghurt/milk with lemon juice
150ml water


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Raspberry Jam

(Makes 240ml of jam)


200g raspberries
100g pectin sugar warmed in an oven of 120c or 15 mins.
1 lemon, juice of


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