Hello, my festive friends! 🎅

I know it’s early in the week but that doesn’t stop us…Wine anyone? Let’s be honest, Christmas gives us all an excuse to drink as much as we want and lets not forget…eat as much as we want too. Whenever we want. With icy weather conditions outside, we thought now was the perfect time to share our gorgeous Gluhwein recipe to warm us with feelings of festivities!

How many of you know the history behind Gluhwein? Where did this delightful German indulgence come from?

Well, the word ‘Gluhwein’ itself directly translates to mean ‘glow wine’ in English. How fitting! Apparently, the word derived from the red-hot irons used to heat the wine across Germany. I don’t think we’ll be incorporating these iron rods into our recipe today but nothing like a bit of Christmas trivia.

Here we go…


6 bottles of red wine
2 cinnamon or 1/2 tsp ground
small orange cut in half
6 cloves

skin of 2 lemons
6 tsp of brown sugar


Bring a pint of water in a small saucepan up to boil with all the ingredients. Remove from heat and leave to infuse.

Transfer the infused water with the ‘bits’ into a large saucepan and pour in the 6 bottles of red wine.

Add a bottle of brandy per six bottles (or whatever you feel safe with!) 

Bring up to a temperature just hot enough to drink.

Do not boil or the alcohol will evaporate! Keep a lid on to stop evaporation!

If you like it sweeter add sugar or ‘spicier’ then add more cinnamon and cloves.


This fun recipe doesn’t have to be made with particularly fancy wine nor brandy! We’ve found most taste just as luxurious! It’s the perfect cheap and cheerful (and ever so tasty) drink for all Christmas dinner parties. The recipe can be adjusted according to taste, we add vanilla essence, orange and apple juice sometimes. Especially if we are feelin’ extra juicy… What are your Gluhwein recipe tricks?

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Have a lovely week! I’ll catch you on Friday for the last weekly Shenanigans of 2017, before we all head off on our Christmas adventures!

Lots of festive love! The Avenue x