Summer 2020 is a little different to normal, instead of a week in the South of France everyone is flocking to the beautiful beaches of England. Cold seas but beautiful views and even better seafront Fish n’ Chip shops. However, you can’t possibly eat from the local chippy every day of the week, which means a classic British beach picnic is in order; and we are going to tell you exactly what to make!

Beach Picnic Menu:

Quinoa Salad: See the recipe by clicking here

You will be in seventh heaven with this fresh and delicious salad. It takes no time to prepare but is a simple, yet delicious crowd pleaser!

Cheese and Bacon Mini Quiches: See the recipe by clicking here

These Mini Quiches not only taste delectable, but they are so blink’in cute. Why does everything taste better when it is mini? Is it because you can eat 6 and feel less guilty about it?🤫

Falafels: See the recipe by clicking here

You will have the self-control of a boozer doing dry January if you manage to make these and not sneak a few before packaging them away for your picnic; because these tasty balls of goodness are a game-changer. PLUS, how impressed will sister-in-law Susie be if you can say you actually made them from scratch and didn’t just grab a load of bits from M&S (that will show her never to dis your sprouts at Christmas again!)

Jam Tarts: See the recipe!

No picnic is complete without a Jam Tart, we are holidaying in England after all!


We love seeing your creations so don’t forget to tag us in your beach picnic snaps @avenuecookery on instagram! Happy Cooking and Happy Staycation-ing!