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Meat Boxes


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Here at The Avenue Cookery School we believe that to create fabulous food you need to use glorious ingredients. We have teamed up with Dovecote Park to offer the best quality meat to create these amazing meat boxes, with unbelievable value.

See the description below for the full details of each box.

Free delivery to England/Wales. All orders will be delivered weekly on Fridays when ordered by Tuesday’s 5pm.



Get ready to indulge in a tantalising new treat in your life with our delectable Meat Boxes. All 100% British farmed, these boxes will be the core of every meat lover’s feast and will be sent directly to your door.

We have teamed up with Dovecote Park, to produce 4 of the best custom-made meat boxes, priding ourselves in the amazing taste, texture and guaranteed to bring a true wow factor into any carnivores household. May it be for the everyday bolognese worshippers, stir fry kings or those who need to smash their winter steak or summer BBQ, we have you covered.

To ensure the highest quality, all of Dovecote Park products must adhere to strict protocol with strong emphasis on upholding welfare standards to ensure maximum quality is delivered. They only select the finest prime British Beef and select only Heifers (female) as this ensures consistently good quality, great tasting beef is provided. The cattle is reared on a high forage based diet with forage access at all times and never housed on slatted flooring. All cattle are aged under 30 month to ensure tenderness and taste.

Dovecote Park prides itself in their relationship with their selected British farmers and the welfare of the animals by always follow the “Five Freedom” ideal, all transits must meet ABM standards which have strict limits on the length of time the cattle can spend in transit. To ensure healthy cattle, each is checked by an FSA certified vet to ensure that they are in good health prior to processing.

Their exceptional dry aged beef is aged for 35 days and the pork for 21 days. Dry Ageing is a traditional butchers method to help improve the eating quality of meat. They hang their meat in a humidity controlled fridge where the meat is allowing to mature; allowing the flavours of the meat to intensify providing a richer, creamier flavour whilst also improving the tenderness and succulence.
The Beef is hung in a dedicated fridge that has been designed for dry ageing. After years of development by expert butchers and chefs, Dovecote know that 35 days is the optimum time for our beef to mature.
This will deliver the best eating quality with a classic beef flavour coupled with exceptional tenderness and succulence.

These boxes make for the perfect present, whether a birthday gift, a thank you present, fathers/mothers day present – you name the occasion this will put a smile on any meat lovers face!
Sadly we aren’t able to offer personalised messages in our gift boxes at this time.

Our Meat Boxes allow customers the access to the finest meat, directly to their home, with great value. Skilled butchers hand cut all our steaks before they are packed and delivered to you.
All meat is delivered fresh and suitable for freezing.

The Best Meat Box – A truly fabulously delectable celebration, the connoisseur’s choice – £95
2 x 250g Angus Fillet Steaks
1 x 600g* Exceptional 35 Day Dry Aged Beef T-Bone
1 x 1kg* Exceptional Beef Tomahawk
1 x 550g* Exceptional 21 Day Dry Aged 2 Bone Pork Tomahawk
2 x 6oz Rump Steak Burger (pack of 2)

The Best Meat Box (without Pork) – A truly fabulously delectable celebration, the connoisseur’s choice – £95
2 x 250g Angus Fillet Steaks
1 x 600g* Exceptional 35 Day Dry Aged Beef T-Bone
1 x 1kg* Exceptional Beef Tomahawk
2 x 250g British Beef Ribeye Steak
2 x 6oz Rump Steak Burger (pack of 2)

The Great Meat Box – Turn the usual to extraordinary, the steak lover’s choice – £65
2 x 250g Angus 35 Day Dry Aged Sirloin Steak
2 x 250g Angus 35 Day Dry Aged Ribeye Steak
1 x 550g* Exceptional 21 Day Dry Aged 2 Bone Pork Tomahawk
2 x 280g Steak Stir Fry (sirloin/rump)
2 x 6oz Rump Steak Burger (pack of 2)

The Meat Box – Get the best quality essentials, a must for most small households – £45
1 x 480g Beef Mince @ 15% fat
2 x 250g British Beef Rump Steak
1 x 800g Beef Topside
2 x 6oz Rump Steak Burger (pack of 2)

* Weights may vary

What We Offer

  • Highest Quality British Meat
  • Competitive price
  • Great Customer Service
  • Free Friday deliveries to England/Wales if placed by Tuesday 5pm
  • High focus on animal welfare
  • Bespoke orders for larger quantities* i.e. 20 burgers or 10 fillets
  • Set boxes

*minimum spend applies

Terms & Conditions Apply

Please contact us on with any queries or questions about our larger cuts or bespoke orders

3 reviews for Meat Boxes

  1. Ben Johnson

    This is genuinely some of the best meat I’ve ever had, bursting with flavour and fantastic texture. So far we’ve cooked the 2 x sirloins, 4 x burgers and the beef tomahawk on the BBQ, marinated for a few hours with garlic and thyme and cooked for literally a few minutes each side (bit longer for the tomahawk as it’s huge!). Absolutely delicious. And the burgers were a revelation! We had the pork tomahawk last night, marinated with garlic and honey mustard, seared in a pan then finished in the aga for about 10 mins each side. Was equally delicious – we’ll be ordering again very soon!

  2. Jennifer Harris

    I have just received my first Box of Beef and Pork! I am absolutely bowled over by the value. It was beautifully presented with ice packs to keep it fresh and each piece of meat was individually vacuum packed. We have already eaten a fillet steak and it was, without doubt, the most delicious steak we have ever eaten. Once this box is finished I’m on for the next please!

  3. Shay Faingold

    I have to share my Meat box experience. The amazing Tomahawk was in no doubt the stat of the show. Big, clean cut with the right bone structure. The T-Bone as well as the Rib-eye, amazing… good amount of fat and rich in flavour. Already ordered my next box, as it’s really high quality !

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