All You Can Eat Doughnut Workshop

All You Can Eat Doughnut Workshop


Here at The Avenue Cookery School we ‘doughnut’ care if you have never made a doughnut before, this ALL YOU CAN EAT Doughnut Workshop is your opportunity to become a doughnut Sensei!

2 hours. Times vary, see drop down menu (unlimited doughnuts and BYOB)

We will be welcoming doughnut lovers of all ages (younger than 10 years needs to be booked with a paying adult – everyone in the kitchen needs to have their own individual paid spot booked regardless of age).

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Are you ready to be transported to your favourite childhood seaside town, and create your very own freshly fried doughnuts in our All You Can Eat Doughnut Workshop? You will no longer be leaving the cooking to locals at the end of the pier and you will leave ready to fill your home with the incredible smell of homemade doughy treats!

Don’t be nervous, as we do of course have our very own doughnut master here at The Avenue Cookery School and they will be with you every step of the way during this hands-on class!

Don’t stress it – till you’ve fried it!

During your two hours at The Avenue you will learn how to whip up three different types of tasty miniature doughnuts, flavours including; smooth and creamy Custard, the humble and classic Jam, and one of our favourites; Chocolate Dulce de Leche!

We won’t throw you in straight away? After all, this is The Avenue, not Gordon Ramseys kitchen. The class will start with an informative demonstration of what you will be making along with some incredibly useful tips and tricks ensuring a successful doughnut bake. You will then be set free to bake, fill and of course eat the doughnuts yourself all under the watchful eyes of our chefs who will be ready at hand to help you to avoid mistakes, or rectifying them if you have already made one (don’t worry we are all human, and we have seen it all, there isn’t anything we can’t fix with a bit of extra flour and a trusty egg!)

Of course, you will get to indulge in heaps of this delicious selection of tasty doughy treats and even better – they will be LIMITLESS!! With a tea or coffee (or a tipple if you fancy) you will get to eat them fresh at your table while you are making the next batch – no patience required here, indulge your temptation but just don’t burn your mouth. Someone better call Homer Simpson because this is going to be right up his street!

What We Offer

  • Easy to understand demonstration
  • Hands on cooking
  • Recipe booklet emailed to you after the class
  • Baking tips and shortcuts
  • Only the best Clarence Court Duck Eggs
  • Unlimited doughnuts
  • Tea & coffee to enjoy with your doughnuts
  • All facilities, aprons, equipment and ingredients included
  • Bring your own booze with no corkage fee
  • Max class size of 30 people

Skills Acquired

  • Confidence in baking
  • Shortcuts and fabulous baking tips
  • Cooking 3 different types of doughnuts
  • An understanding of baking
  • Ability to cook and adapt recipes

All You Can Eat Doughnut Class Menu

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Doughnut
Custard Doughnut
Jam Doughnut

Address – The Avenue Cookery School, 3 Enterprise Way, Wandsworth, SW18 1FZ

‘Avenue Amigos’ – Get a ‘stamp’ for each class you book and for each friend you recommend. 10 stamps = a free class!

Gift idea – If you want to buy a class as a present but can’t think of a specific date then you can buy a voucher that is redeemable for 1 year here.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Please contact us with any queries


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