Chalet Host Cooking Course, 2 week

Chalet Host Cooking Course, 2 week


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This hugely popular and fun two-week Chalet Host Cooking Course covers all vital aspects of working as a Chalet Host, including but not limited to, cooking techniques, budgeting, how to host your chalet and the ever important cleaning!

Vegetarian, LF and GF dietary requirements can be catered for on request, but time restraints mean meal alternatives will not be covered in the demonstrations

Accommodation is an optional extra, available in friendly local family run B&B’s. Breakfast included and supper on class days.

For FULLY BOOKED classes please get in touch if you are looking to join an existing booking of a ‘social bubble’ or are happy to work with others.

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The Chalet Host Cooking Course is aimed at students wishing to complete a ski season (or yacht season) as a chalet host. The course has been tailored specifically to help those needing to gain the required skills to work in a Chalet or in other hosting jobs.  Covering all aspects including; cooking, hosting skills, budgeting, shopping, menu planning and cleaning.

We have been running this popular Chalet Host Cooking Course since 2004. It is aimed at students wishing to complete a ski season as a chalet host but is also suitable for anyone wanting to work as a private cook/host in any industry, including the yachting industry. The course has been carefully tailored to help those needing to gain the required skills to work as a host.

Provided you have reached the required Avenue standard, ‘The Avenue Chalet Host Cooking Course Certificate’ is awarded and we will help you to land your dream hosting job. Having been in the industry for years we have excellent links with many companies in the ski industry, which means we are aware of their changing requirements with regards to employment. This inside knowledge enables us to help you through the recruitment process, which we do by giving helpful tips in writing your CV and cover letter as well as checking it over for you before application. We help as much as we can but don’t forget securing a job is down to you and the work you put in!

Our head chefs at The Avenue have completed their own ski seasons and are therefore very familiar with the demands of the job as well as the fabulous opportunities to be gained on the slopes. We have designed this two-week Chalet Host Cooking Course to prepare you in the most professional, effective and exciting way to ensure that you have confidence in a chalet and therefore can complete your job to the best of your ability. Think of The Avenue Chalet Host Cooking Course Certificate as your passport to the mountains!

Each day will begin with a demonstration of what you will be cooking in the morning, which will include your lunch amongst many other things. After lunch, you will have an afternoon demonstration followed by more hands-on cooking.
Each day’s layout is the same and will be filled with different recipes each day. *The first Thursday you will hold a dinner party for friends and family, everyone getting to invite a couple of guests each. As a team, you will cook and host the evening yourselves while all your guests mingle around the dining table – don’t forget you are the hosts so you have to manage your work effectively so you can be there for your guests!
*Sadly due to COVID-19 we are unable to host the Thursday party until further notice and instead we will finish at 5pm.

You will cover hosting skills, menu planning and how to clean properly!

You will receive an Avenue Chalet Host Bible and the means to complete your Food Safety Level 2. We will also help you to land your dream job for your season with one of our many Ski Company affiliates.

Worried about missing jobs due to attending the course later in the Summer? – If you book early in the year for a class in October say, you won’t be jeopardising your chances of getting a job! In fact, you could be attending interviews before you even come to The Avenue. Companies will still accept your application and can place you in a role in the condition that you complete The Avenue Chalet Host Course.

Last-minute – worried about job availability? If you happen to book the course later in the summer don’t panic, companies can be recruiting right up until the start of the season and there is always a job somewhere! You will need to work hard and be proactive but we will try our utmost to help you find that job!

N.B. To work for the big ski companies you will require an English NI number however there are other ski companies out there that you can apply to but if you have any questions with regards to this please get in touch.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend gaining some experience in the hospitality industry such as in a restaurant, bar or cafe before applying to jobs for the winter season.

If you have already mastered the basics of cooking, you can join straight into week 2 for our 1-week Intermediate Cookery Course to just spruce up your already obtained skills. If you aren’t sure if you have enough experience get in touch.
If you want to take the full two-week course but you can’t do consecutive weeks, we can take split bookings for different weeks just get in touch.

For those paying for accommodation, you will stay at an amazing family-run B&B that we have worked closely with for years.
Rooms will be separate male or female shared rooms. A guaranteed private room can be arranged at an extra cost, just contact us on for details.
For those who live further afield, there are options for arriving Sunday night and staying for the full 2 weeks or just the weeknights. If you would like more lights just get in touch.
Breakfast will be provided every morning and dinner will be provided every weekday evening. If you are staying Sunday night you will need to eat before you arrive.

To see more details about the course including the menu plan please go to page 6 here.

Address: The Avenue Cookery School, 3 Enterprise Way, Wandsworth, London SW18 1FZ

‘Avenue Amigos’
Get a ‘stamp’ for each class you book and for each friend you recommend. 10 stamps = a free class!

If you want to buy a class as a present but can’t think of a specific date then you can buy a voucher that is redeemable for 1 year here.

What We Offer

  • Efficient and intensive training
  • Professional knowledge and experience
  • Hands-on cooking
  • Knowledge of dietary requirements
  • Tips for hosting, cooking and cleaning
  • Wine tasting and origins of alcohol talk
  • The Avenue Chalet Host Cooking Course Certificate
  • Ski company introductions, see our affiliates here
  • Fun kitchen environment
  • Help through the recruitment process including CV and cover letter check
  • Ingredients & equipment all provided
  • The Avenue Chalet Host Bible
  • Food Safety Level 2 Certificate
  • An Avenue Cookbook
  • An Avenue Apron

Skills Acquired

  • Knife skills
  • Presentation
  • Stock rotation
  • Hosting
  • Cleaning
  • Fridge management
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Menu planning
  • Knowledge of wine
  • Time planning
  • Budgeting
  • Customer Service
  • Cooking for dietary requirements
  • Knowledge of international cuisines
  • Anything extra that anyone wants to know!!

Course Timings

1st Week:
Monday – Wednesday 9am – 5pm (lunch included)

Thursday 9am – 9pm (lunch and dinner included) – Sadly due to COVID-19 we are unable to host the Thursday party until further notice and instead we will finish at 5pm.
Friday 9am – 4pm (breakfast and lunch included)

2nd Week:
Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm  (lunch included)
Friday 9am – 4pm (breakfast and lunch included)
N.B. One agreed evening will cover hosting skills

Terms & Conditions Apply

N.B. We run a range of classes so we are not held liable for any severe allergies as our kitchen may contain traces.

12 reviews for Chalet Host Cooking Course, 2 week

  1. Connie

    I had a really fun two weeks leaning to cook in a relaxed, friendly environment. I learnt a huge amount and, two weeks later, have already cooked for a few dinner parties and been highly complimented on my new-found culinary (and knife) skills. With a great team of teachers it’s impossible to not come out feeling inspired to cook!

  2. Freddie

    Had the best two weeks ever – Diana Richard and Emma are all heros!

  3. Ollie

    I only did one week but it was the highlight of my summer!! I am still in contact with the friends are made on the course and Diana and Richard are absolute legends! Hope to go back soon

  4. Evie

    Can honestly say I had the best 2 weeks of my life! Diana, Richard and Emma are amazing! Would recommend to anyone!

  5. Sophie

    Amazing 2 weeks! Set me up for my ski season – Diana and Richard made the course !!

  6. Antonia

    Had an absolute blast during the two weeks that I was there, and learnt so much from the amazing teaching staff xxx

  7. Matthew

    A really great week with a lot of cooking and a wonderful environment to meet and spend time with some lovely people. Highly recommend.

  8. Paddy Ross

    Who knew in one week I could learn so much and get to meet so many awesome people. I had the time of my life and I won’t be forgetting it in a hurry. Diana, Richard and Emma were absolutely legendary and I’ll miss them dearly. Thanks for a incredible week!

  9. Hannah

    Wholly recommend the Chalet Host 2-week course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt very comfortable yet my culinary skills were tested. We covered a huge number of new recipes and techniques. The teaching style was very complete and there was a great balance between demonstrations and practical ‘trying and testing’!

  10. Gertie Goddard

    I could not have hoped for a more entertaining, educational and tasty 2 weeks than those I had at the Avenue. The Horsford family are wonderful and Richard is a brilliant teacher, with a particular talent for trying out crazy ideas and always pulling them off.

    After completing this course I spontaneously flew out to La Plagne, France, and have been working as chalet host for Skiworld ever since, where I have found the skills I gained from this course continually helpful/if not essential (my cakes in particular have been on point!!)

    Thanks again to the whole Avenue team for everything ,


  11. Margot (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend enough- I learnt so much and ate//set fire to as much as I possibly could in the two weeks. Thank you so much Richard and Diana!! You’re amazing and have provided crazy amounts of entertainment and fun and I’m so full I can hardly move. (Also Richard’s hench)

  12. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Having done the two week chalet host cooking course I can truthfully say that I have had the most fantastically fun few weeks so far this summer. The team are all amazing and I have learnt a huge amount from every one of them. Would definitely highly recommend to anyone looking to start or improve their cooking and to have a good laugh and meet some amazing people.

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