Off to Uni Cookery Course, 1 week – £995

Off to Uni Cookery Course, 1 week – £995

Going to university? Fend off a life of takeaways by booking yourself or your hungry child on to this 5-day Off to Uni Cookery Course in order to learn how to cook delicious and nutritious food on a university budget!

5 Days – see below for times and drop-down menu for dates
Variety of dishes – see menu plan from page 7-12 here


Our Uni Cookery Course specialises in teaching the foundations of cooking to university students, who are leaving home and are in dire need of learning this invaluable life skill, so they don’t live off Pot Noodles for the next three years!

The Off to Uni Cookery Course has been designed to guide beginners through 5 days of well planned, traditional recipes and techniques. We offer hands-on cooking while dishing out plenty of help and support throughout. An emphasis is made on affordable eating, which is essential for those who will be budgeting at university and will provide a wonderful start to an independent lifestyle. We will be with you every step of the way and by the end of this 5-day intensive, informative, extremely fun and sociable course, you will have transformed from a cooking novice to cooking with confidence – in just one week and we guarantee you’ll have fun doing it!

Each day has 2 demonstrations, guiding you to what you will be cooking throughout the morning and afternoon. Every day you will cook your own 2-course lunch plus lots more!

This course is a great life learning present from family or friends who want their loved ones to learn some nutritious and delicious recipes and techniques before they leave the roost. See the menu plan here from page 7-12.

Having completed this course, you can follow it with our equally as popular Intermediate Cookery Course (see here).

What We Offer

  • Deposit option – if booking more than 1 month in advance get in touch for more details
  • A fun, sociable, flexible and informative 5-day course
  • Intensive daily cooking programme
  • All equipment and food provided
  • Interesting demonstrations
  • Cooking without a cookbook
  • Fun, warm and professional teaching
  • Useful tips and tricks of the trade
  • Tips on organisation and prepping your dishes ahead of time
  • Hands-on cooking
  • Budgeting and cooking with leftovers
  • Mind-blowingly delicious recipes
  • Delicious lunches
  • Wine tasting and origins of alcohol talk
  • Well-structured course
  • Ingredients, aprons and equipment provided
  • The Avenue Cookbook
  • Off to Uni Course Avenue certificate
  • The Avenue apron
  • Shared or private accommodation as an extra for those that need (see details here)

Skills Acquired

  • Knife skills
  • Variations of baking
  • Preparing and cooking a variety of vegetables
  • An understanding of ingredients and cooking them
  • Rectifying dishes
  • Adapting recipes
  • Variety of transferable cooking skills and techniques
  • Cooking with confidence and without a recipe book
  • Food presentation
  • Knowledge of transferable skills and recipes
  • Avoiding waste and cooking with leftovers
  • Time management
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Kitchen organisation
  • Quick cooking
  • Having fun while cooking!
  • Anything extra that anyone wants to know, the list grows!

Course Timings

Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
Friday 9am – 4pm (breakfast and lunch included)

The course beginning on 19th January will run on the below dates and times:
Friday 19th January 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
Friday 26th January 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
Friday 2nd February 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
Friday 9th February 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
Friday 1st March 9am – 4pm (breakfast and lunch included)

Catered for Allergies: Vegan, LF and GF dietary requirements can be catered for on request, but time restraints mean meal alternatives will not be covered in the demonstrations


Accommodation: For students who are looking for shared (default option) or private accommodation please see here.

Insurance – Consider adding our Avenue Cancellation Cover, to read more please click here.

‘Avenue Amigos’ – Get a ‘stamp’ for each class you book, each review you leave and for each friend you recommend. 10 stamps = a free class!

Terms & Conditions Apply

If a date is showing fully booked, doesn’t have the number of spots you require or you have any queries please get in touch on as we may be able to accommodate you and if not we can add you to the waiting list.

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    Variety of dishes – see menu plan from page 6-18 here



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